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Update 4th job skill changes

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Tim, Feb 18, 2019.

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  1. Tim

    Tim Administrator

    Apr 14, 2014
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    Hello Royallers,
    Over the past months we have looked at existing feedback regarding certain mid to end game classes and asked your suggestions for some of them in dedicated threads, specifically for Paladins, Shadowers and Buccaneers.

    Skill changes TL; DR
    The following skill changes have been made with the valentine 2019 patch:
    - Fighter Axe Mastery lvl 20 from 60% to 75% Mastery
    - Fighter lvl 100 and 110 2H axes Tavar and Dragon Battle Axe have received a weapon speed reduction to normal (6)
    - Shadower lvl 30 Boomerang Step boost base power from 500 to 600
    - Shadower lvl 30 Assasinate 'charge' mechanic removed and boost base power from 600 to 950
    - Marauder Transform no timer cooldown, takes Magic rock to cast instead
    - Buccaneer Super Transform no timer cooldown, takes Magic rock to cast instead
    - Buccaneer Demolition lvl 30 boost base power from 400 to 500
    - Buccaneer Barrage lvl 30 boost base power from 230 to 330
    - Buccaneer Dragon Strike lvl 30 boost base power from 810 to 900
    - Paladin (and Mages) Elemental weaknesses to bosses (and body parts)

    Selecting and confirming the jobs to buff
    To get an understanding of the situation we set out to make a comparison of all non-mage jobs by calculating what kind of damage per second (DPS) they would be doing with their main 4th job skills at two stages in a player's lifespan, at lvl 140 and lvl 200. The comparisons have been made with the same weapon attack equipment and expected tops, bottoms, overalls, weapons, untradables, buffs and base stats in their ideal situation (disregarding time taken to dismount / rebuff / reposition after taking damage), in short: the funding for the lvl 140 comparisons and 200 comparisons for all non-mage jobs is the same to make a fair assessment.

    We put the results in the following graph:

    What we can take from this graph is that most of the classes with same funding and equipment range between the 130k DPS on lvl 140 and 250k DPS on lvl 200 marks under these circumstances. We decided to make this our aim for the classes that seem to be suffering below this threshold.
    We expected the Night Lord and Corsair with battleship cannon to range above the target in their ideal situation and they will continue to do so.

    The damage dealers below the 130k and 250k DPS tresholds that we buffed are:
    Hero (2h axe), Paladin (elemental wise), Shadower (Boomerang Step / Assassinate), Buccaneer (Barrage / Dragon Strike), Buccaneer (Demolition / (Super) Transform)

    Buff Summaries
    For the aforementioned jobs and skills we tried various approaches on how to make them slightly better but not too strong and without a complete overhaul. We decided on the following:

    Hero (2h axe)
    For 2h axe Heroes we looked at their weak points opposed to 2h sword Heroes. Due to swing and stab differences in axes as weaponry axe Heroes have a wider difference in minimum and maximum damage range than sword Heroes do. To correct this we tweaked the mastery percentage from 60% to 75% to make up for the difference compared to swords. Other than that we made sure that the maximum attack speed with axe booster and speed infusion can be obtained by the highest level 2h axes as well by making them the same attack speed (6) normal as their sword counterparts have.

    Paladin (elemental wise)
    Paladins gave us the opportunity to explore more with an RPG game mechanic buffing both their main attacking skills Blast and Charged Blow when used correctly. While some bosses, demi-bosses and boss body parts were already weak to elements we completed the list to our best ability.
    The following is a list of all the bosses, demi-bosses and their body parts including which element they are now weak to (this change also applies to Mages using those elements):
    Boss Mob ID Weakness
    Capt. Latanica9420513Holy
    Headless Horseman9400549Lightning*
    Black Crow9400014Lightning*
    Kacchuu Musha9400405Ice*, Lightning*, Holy*
    Papulatus Clock8500001Lightning
    Female Boss (Anego)9400121Lightning*, Holy*
    Red Nirg9400591Lightning
    Zakum's Arm 18800003Holy
    Zakum's Arm 28800004Holy
    Zakum's Arm 38800005Ice*
    Zakum's Arm 48800006Fire*
    Zakum's Arm 58800007Lightning
    Zakum's Arm 68800008Lightning
    Zakum's Arm 78800009Ice
    Zakum's Arm 88800010Fire
    Krexel (2)9420521Fire*
    Krexel (3)9420522Fire*
    Wulin Yaoseng9600025Ice
    Bodyguard A9400112Fire*
    Bodyguard B9400113Ice*
    Horntail's Left Head8810000Lightning
    Horntail's Right Head8810001Fire
    Horntail's Head A8810002Lightning
    Horntail's Head B8810003Ice
    Horntail's Head C8810004Fire
    Horntail's Left Hand8810005Lightning
    Horntail's Right Hand8810006Fire
    Horntail's Wings8810007Ice
    Horntail's Legs8810008Holy
    Horntail's Tails8810009Holy
    The Boss9400300Fire*
    Castellan9400408Poison*, Holy
    Castellan Toad9400409Lightning
    Mobs marked with an * were already weak to this element before the change, these were kept in tact to avoid confusion

    Shadower (Boomerang Step / Assassinate)
    We wanted to make Shadower more viable besides relying on a third job skill that can cost them a large amount of mesos every time they attempt a boss battle. There are already plenty of jobs that require you to use one skill to attack so in order to keep Shadowers interesting we wanted to include both their 4th job damage skills.
    To make that happen we buffed the base damage of Boomerang Step and Assassinate in addition to removing the 'charge-up' requirement that Assassinate used to have while the character is in Dark Sight. This allows the Shadower to use Dark Sight, Assassinate and Boomerang Step in rapid succession for their optimal DPS without breaking the bank in meso droppings for Meso Explosion.

    Buccaneer (Barrage / Dragon Strike)
    We chose to make the combination of Barrage and Dragon Strike a more competitive DPS option as it was near the bottom of the DPS chart by boosting their base damage to be in line with the 130k and 250k DPS targets of our tests.

    Buccaneer (Demolition / (Super) Transform)
    Other than Barrage and Dragon Strike we also felt like Buccaneer lacked a permanent mobility boost. Some skills can only be used in (Super) Transform and we wanted to give you the ability to use them without having to worry about the incredibly long cooldown where you could only be transformed 33% of the time you were fighting. We did this by removing the cooldown of the skills Transform and Super Transform and adding a Magic Rock cost to it. This way you can choose to Transform when you want or stay Transformed for the extra mobility and option to use the otherwise limited skills.
    In addition to that we made sure that the 4th job skill Demolition got a base damage boost to fit into the projected DPS targets of 130k and 250k respectively.

    With these changes we brought the damage output of the classes closer together to our 130k DPS and 250k DPS targets as can be seen in this graph:

    While we tried our utmost to balance and test these changes out according to community and nostalgic core-gameplay standards please understand the following:
    - As with any update we release this one is subjected to change based on feedback or 'broken' mechanics as well.
    - We chose to review the most requested jobs and skills in this update first, feel free to leave feedback for other suggested changes in the feedback section of the forums.

    Please let us know what you think or whether you would like to learn more about our choices!
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  2. Tim

    Tim Administrator

    Apr 14, 2014
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    Reformatted charts for colorblind people:

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