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10 things you admire about your valentine

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bleute, Feb 15, 2020.

  1. Bleute

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    Jun 9, 2018
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    Happy Valentine's Day Royalers! :love:

    The purpose of this topic is to share 10 things that you admire about that special someone; whether they're a secret crush, significant other, or just someone who's been on your mind a lot lately. At the end, you can also add closing remarks, a proposal of some sort, or whatever floats your boat! You can write about your crush in either third person, second person, or even first person if that person you love is yourself!

    Since it's the season of love, let's keep this topic alive from now until the end of the month and see if this kind of thing catches on. It's an experimental kind of topic that I thought up today, and all I ask is that we keep it kind, polite, positive, and happy. c:

    So leeetttt's hear it! Spread that love today! SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS! >:U

    I'll start with mine. Since I value and respect her privacy, I'll keep this anonymous; though if she happens to read this, I really hope it fills her heart with love o:

    1. She's very caring about the ones she loves, and always goes that extra mile to make sure they're doing and feeling well.

    2. She looks out for her younger sisters, and whenever they need help with something, she's always there for them.

    3. She's the hardest working person I've ever met. When I first met her, she was on break from her 2nd job, but then had to go back to it a few weeks later. For a long time she has worked 7 days per week, and I've never known anyone in my life with a better work ethic. Even in the games she plays, she works hard to achieve her goals, and never gives up.

    4. It feels like we can talk forever. I've never met anyone who can hold a conversation as long as she does, and I feel that we just have so much chemistry together that our conversations just flow effortlessly without either of us judging one another.

    5. I've never met anyone who has this much in common with me! It's like we have the exact same music tastes, and we discovered the same genres at similar times in our lives, down to specific artists like Evanescence, TPCD, and Ronald Jenkees.

    6. She played piano for as long as I played a musical instrument (saxophone) in grade school. Both of us were kinda forced into it by our parents and haven't really touched our respective instruments in recent years, but we have so much to talk about and so much appreciation for the things we learned. I'm humbled because for years I tried my best to teach myself as much music theory as possible, and along comes the girl of my dreams with 10x the knowledge and expertise that I have. I always feel like I learn so much when I talk to her about music; even in specific areas that I had thought I knew a lot about already. She's also very supportive of my drumming, and has encouraged me to get back into it after I had lost motivation.

    7. I absolutely adore the way she talks/types. In conversations, her mannerisms, and her excitement fill me with such positive energy. I truly enjoy every moment with her, and if I had one wish, it would be to spend every day for the rest of my life with her.

    8. She single-handedly cured my depression. For a long time I had been on the fence about whether or not I even had a purpose to live, but when she came into my life, she became that purpose. I feel like a completely different person than I was before I met her. I feel empowered, hopeful, and full of positivity. I now go to sleep every night looking forward to the next day. She has been the ray of hope in the darkness that was long cast over me.

    9. She talks to me. She takes valuable time out of her day and dedicates that time to talking to me. She listens and is active in conversations, and never ignores a thing I say, even if I go off the rails when I'm half asleep late at night and say absolutely crazy things. For a while we kept our conversations PG because we weren't sure just how crazy the other was. She didn't really think she was my type at first, but I knew from the very beginning that we were made for each other. She's so unique that it would take countless, probably infinite cycles of the universe to recreate her. Just the fact alone that it took the universe over 13 billion years for her to come into existence puts into perspective how much I cherish and appreciate her. We almost didn't meet, and the way we did meet was a one in a billion event. The stars must have aligned or something. She pointed out to me that our zodiac signs are a highly compatible pair, and although I used to be skeptical of those sorts of things, it's been so accurate that it's almost scary. I truly do believe that I've found my soulmate.

    10. I've never met anyone as loyal as her. For my entire life I've been searching for a partner who values loyalty in a relationship, but it's always been a struggle to find someone on the same page as me. Until I met her... In all her past relationships she has always been 100% loyal and faithful to the one she loved, but to no avail. We were both hurt so much in the past by people who didn't really love us, and just hoped and prayed that there would be someone out there in the world for us who wanted a relationship based on loyalty, honesty and unconditional love. Every year she's prayed for a nice boyfriend, and every year I've prayed for a nice girlfriend. I'm not a religious person, but I do wonder if there's someone or something out there in the universe that answered those prayers...

    In closing, I just want to say that if you happen to read this, thank you... Thank you for everything! >.<

    You are truly an amazing person, and have brought nothing but happiness and joy to me. While initially I may have struggled on the spot to answer the question "why do you like me" and could only respond to you with "I like you because you're you", it's true... Everything about you is just perfect, and there isn't even one tiny thing about you that I'd ever want to change. I was always so full of doubt, and never thought that I'd ever meet the girl of my dreams in this lifetime, or infinite lifetimes if reincarnation is real, but that was before I met you. While I still don't know if you have feelings for me yet, I'm already certain without a shadow of a doubt that my heart lies with you. Since the day I've met you not a moment goes by that I'm not thinking about you, and I just have so many thoughts racing through my head all the time that I just can't get enough of you. My heart leaps for you!

    If you read this, I just wanna say that I want nothing else in this world right now than to your boyfriend, and for you to be my girlfriend. I want to be the best boyfriend you've ever had, and to stay with you for the rest of our lives, as well as whatever comes after. Please, oh please, will you be mine?
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  2. Jesseh

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    Dec 23, 2015
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    Sharing is caring! No names though ;)

    1. She messaged me on this day and told me about ystävänpäivä (Finland's valentine day which means friend's day!!) and took the time to write me a nice message. Every now and then she'll pop in with sharing things about Finland and honestly she's made it seem like a really comfy place to live in.

    2. She's very straight forward and I appreciate that a lot! If she's busy, she'll say it. Doesn't feel like talking? That's communicated very well on her part. I don't think of it as a bad or hurtful thing at all and in all honesty, I've always admired that about her. So much that it kind of inspired me to be the same way and because of her, I've been more in touch with saying if I don't feel like something and being unafraid to say it (when I used to worry about those kinds of things a lot more and avoided saying stuff because it was difficult)

    3. Similar to the point above, but she's veeeery expressive & creative. She doesn't hold back on the stuff she posts and just is completely true to herself ( A HUGE NERD and proud of that fact.)

    4. She knows a few languages outside of Finnish (English, Japanese, Swedish) and she translates things sometimes for people / on her own. How she writes (and speaks) in English tends me make me forget she's Finnish. She's very passionate about this too, and it really shows.

    5. We don't talk everyday but she makes it a point to let me know she's thinking about me by sending me things that remind her of me (or us!!) or just telling me about her day/sharing this thing she posted/etc etc. She knows how to keep me included personally and that's something I always have truly appreciated. Getting to talk to her always brightens my day ~f14

    6. Her taste in personal aesthetics is very : o k_hand : & her choices in fashion and stuff like selfies are always quirky and fun to see! (also more or less, some mutually shared choices)

    7. She recently (supported -- and by extension,) got me back into taking pictures of things (something I kinda ditched for a few years ) and I'm grateful for her support and interest in my current and (former) hobbies.

    8. There are so many examples I can give, but she goes out of her way to make me feel like I'm not just another friend towards her and that she truly appreciates my support.

    9. If she sees I'm playing something she's played and enjoyed (or wants to) she comes and talks to me about it! We've had many conversations just build off of stuff such as games, movies, and even food. Holding and getting into conversation with her is just very natural.

    10. When it comes down to it, we honestly have so much in common! From making memes and cracking lame puns way too often, to similar tastes in media. When it comes to our relationship, I couldn't honestly find a person who compliments me better than she does. Her name also rhymes with Jess.
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