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ct_news_notice_notice [12.15] Update #83 - Posted by Karven


Hi Royallers,

New files are required for this update! Click here to go to the downloads page to download and install the new setup. You can choose between a setup using .wz files or .img files, as some users may experiencing less crashing issues with one over the other.


Cash Shop:

  • The Cash Shop has been updated with some new seasonal items!
  • New Hairs & Faces have been added to Big Headward in the Free Market.
  • New, limited time Avatar Megaphones have been added to the Cash Shop.


  • Von Leon Expedition:
    • Mini Golems summoned by Von Leon will now heal him for more HP when he uses the absorption skill.
    • Von Leon's lightning attack now has a wider attack range.
    • Von Leon's laser eye attack now also applies prone-seduce.
    • Von Leon's vulture attack now stuns for 2 seconds instead of 1.
    • Von Leon's Gargoyle summons have been buffed.
    • Von Leon now drops exactly six of Von Leon's Belt, Medallion, and Parchment each.


  • Hero's Will cooldown now decreases as the skill level increases from level 6 and above. The cooldown is 180 seconds at level 10.


  • Fixed broken frames when using gun skills with Dark Furrytail Cat's Paw.
  • Fixed broken frames when using gun skills with Baby Paci.
  • Fixed bugged frames for the sleeves of Heroic Hogul Dress.
  • Fixed bugged frames for the sleeves of Heroic Hogul Suit.
  • Fixed misaligned chat balloon for Bunny Blossom Chat Ring.
  • Added effect for the Demon Bag cape.
  • Reduced the level requirement for Von Leon's Boot from 180 to 140.


  • Fixed the missing label ring effect for Yeti Robot.
  • Fixed ladder and rope frames for Youthful Romantic Hair when wearing certain hats.
  • Fixed the smile emote for Tender Love face.
  • Fixed the ouch emote for Handsome Otherworld face.
  • Fixed the blink animation for Aloof face.
  • Purification Totem, Burning Energy, and Von Leon's Belt can no longer be sold to NPCs.
  • Burning Energy can now be held in stacks of 1000.
  • Von Leon's Boots, Von Leon's Sippable Soul Substance, Hero's Will 10 as well as Royal Throwing-Knives, Royal Quiver, Royal Bullet and their forging manuals are now searchable via The Owl of Minerva.
  • Royal Projectiles now require 250 Purification Totems to craft (previously 500) and require one of Von Leon's Medallion.
  • Royal Projectiles can now be recharged at any town (item description to be updated to reflect this change in a future patch).

  • Players can no longer enter the cash shop in Extra Frosty Snow Zone.
  • Removed the speed and jump buff in Hidden Street: Free Market <1>.
  • Fixed the Extra Frosty Challenge. Previously players had the ability to skip a portion of the jump quest by strategically falling.


  • Von Leon's drop table is now available in the Monster Book.

Happy Mapling!

- The MapleRoyals Staff

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