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ct_news_notice_notice [10.25] Update #82 - Posted by Karven


Hi Royallers,

New files are required for this update! Click here to go to the downloads page to download and install the new setup. You can choose between a setup using .wz files or .img files, as some users may experiencing less crashing issues with one over the other.

New Content - Lionheart Castle Part 2:
  • The Lionheart Castle questline has been extended with new quests!
  • A new Von Leon Expedition has been added:
    • Level Requirement: 175
    • Time Limit: 1 Hour
    • Minimum Expedition Size: 6
    • Max Expedition Size: 30
    • Recommended Expedition Size: 12+
    • Expedition limited to 2 entries per week per character (Mon - Sun).


  • Halloween Events have started, click here to learn more!

Cash Shop:

  • The Cash Shop has been updated with some spooky new items!


  • Auf Haven:
    • Successfully killing Auf Haven now grants a buff to players similar to the Horntail expedition.
    • The Summoned Auf Haven (clones) have been changed to all be level 170, previously the second and third clones were level 150.
  • Crimsonwood Keep:
    • Master Gawyllacs has been changed to level 130 to match the other bosses, was previously level 120.

Party Quest:

  • Mu Lung Dojo has received many changes:
    • Increased the daily cap for points from 1500 to 2000
    • Increased the points gained for completing stage 28-30 from 10 to 15
    • Increased the points gained for completing stage 31 from 15 to 25
    • Increased the points gained for completing stage 32 from 25 to 35
    • Increased the points needed to receive the Yellow Belt from 1800 to 2000
    • Decreased the points needed to receive the Red Belt from 9200 to 8000
    • Decreased the points needed to receive the Black Belt from 17000 to 14000
    • Increased the HP on the White Belt from 0 to 100
    • Increased the HP on the Yellow Belt from 50 to 200
    • Increased the HP on the Blue Belt from 100 to 300
    • Increased the HP on the Red Belt from 150 to 400
    • Increased the HP on the Black Belt from 300 to 500


  • The following quests have been reset for all players, and now requiring the new prerequisite quests at NPC Ifia, as well as a new level 175 requirement to start:
    • Knight of the Lion King
    • The Transformed King
    • The Knight's Magic Scroll
    • Defeat the Lion King
  • The following quest items have been removed from inventories:
    • Dirty Magic Scroll of the Knight
    • The Knight's Magic Scroll


  • Hero's will has been reworked to remove additional mob debuffs each time you level up the skill, starting with Seduce at level 1.
  • Pirate's Rage has been renamed to Hero's Will for consistency.


  • Fixed missing frames for the following equips.
    • Baby Seal Snapback
    • Daisy Vacation Panama Hat
    • Daisy Vacation Sunglasses
    • An Ice Cream Lover Cone
    • An Ice Cream Lover Ribbon
    • Star Cone Hat


  • Throwing stars have received several changes:
    • Descriptions have been changed to be more consistent and fix errors.
      • 'Magic Throwing Knife' has been changed to 'Magic Throwing-Knives'
      • 'Level: ' has been removed, as there is already a 'REQ LEV' indicator.
      • Ammo only rechargeable in certain areas now have the areas highlighted in their item description.
    • Ilbi Throwing-Stars
      • Attack reduced from 27 to 26.
      • Recharge cost reduced from 280 mesos to 200 mesos per star.
    • Balanced Fury can be recharged anywhere (previously restricted to Masteria)
    • Magic Throwing-Knives
      • Attack increased from 30 to 31.
      • Recharge cost increased from 400 mesos to 425 mesos per star.
      • Now require Crystal Ilbi as a crafting material.
  • New monster cards have been added to the game.
    • Summoned Auf Haven
    • Puco
    • Punco
    • Opachu
    • Cuzco
    • Boogie
    • Kaede Toad
    • Black Bird
    • Mingu
    • Jr. Gargoyle
    • Demon Gargoyle
    • Mini Castle Golem
    • Von Leon
  • The Von Leon RP outfit package has been removed and affected players have been refunded their RP, sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Fixed a bug which caused players to be stuck in 'Roof of the Fourth Tower' in Lion King's Castle.
  • Maple Admin NPC has been added to New Leaf City - Town Center.


  • Vulture has had it's elemental attributes changed to be weak to lightning.
  • Castle Golem has had it's elemental attributes changed to be weak to holy.


  • Boss HP bars now show the HP percentage remaining next to the boss icon.

Happy Mapling!

- The MapleRoyals Staff

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