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ct_news_notice_notice [11.17] GM Blog: November 2021 - Posted by Joel


Greetings everyone!

Did you miss us? Our apologies for the lack of an October GM Blog. There was not much to discuss, as the things we were working on were mostly technical and boring back-end stuff.

However, we know that there are plenty of things you all look forward to - as do we!

Von Leon
Working on this cool boss monster, we encountered some issues stemming from client bugs, that cause some of the boss's core features to not work properly. The particulars of this issue have proven to be quite complicated to reverse engineer and straighten out, and has stunted some of the progress on this content. We are well aware that many of you were expecting this boss to be released soon(tm), not least because we have teased the idea before. Unfortunately for the reasons described, this content will be slightly delayed. We hope to resolve this issue soon; and if we cannot, we will have to work around it, possibly as a temporary solution. We will keep you updated on this matter, to the best of our abilities.

Recent Game Changes
After much internal discussion, revolving around whether or not past changes have solved the problems they were designed to solve, we have decided to revert the change to Chief Bandit's Meso Guard. Although it had an impact on gameplay which was not far from what we imagined prior to the change, the bigger picture remained "unchanged". Not only that, but many valid questions were raised concerning why the change was made, and whether or not we were applying the logic behind the change fairly across the board. We leave the details of these arguments for the reader to discover - they can be found in the numerous feedback threads made following the change. Suffice to say, the steps we would have to take to maintain consistency would be numerous, and ultimately we don't expect that the outcome would be worth it. As such, Meso Guard's behaviour will return to its vanilla state post-Update 75.

Other Game Changes: More Ways To Gain HP
...are still being drafted for implementation. Although you will see some adjustments to the current methods for gaining HP in the upcoming update, we have grander plans for HP gains down the road. This project has been on the discussion board for quite some time, with the pros and cons of different options being dissected and weighed. The plan is to provide an alternative way for new players to reach healthy milestone HP values through normal gameplay right from the get-go, without being forced into the laborious techniques currently employed to reach said values. The new method should not detract from "normal" gameplay; on the contrary, it is meant to encourage it. It should be said that, as of now, we agree that HP Washing should remain a luxury option for perfecting a character.

Improved GM Tools
We are happy to report that the toolbox of our GMs has begun to grow. This is a project that has also been in the works for a long time. The new tools will enable our GMs to act more independently and effectively than ever before, freeing up the Administrators from dealing with a plethora of tasks. In general, we are excited for these changes as they should relieve some of the difficulties our GMs currently face, and also because it will make the game a healthier and jollier place for you all.

Thanksgiving & Christmas Events
On November 20th, we will release the Thanksgiving Event. This classic event will give players yet another chance at the famous Pilgrim Hat, and to collect an exclusive chair by competing with their guild against others! This year, we have loosened the rules a bit, to ease the stress of the competitive guild bake-off. The top 10 guilds will be picked as winners, rather than just the top 3.

Furthermore, we have devoted a lot of time and effort to this year's Christmas Event, to ensure that it feels fresher and grander than ever! Filled to the brim with primarily all-new activities, we sincerely hope you will enjoy what we have prepared for you. We hope to see you all in the snow-covered Maple World, and look forward to celebrating perhaps the coziest and jolliest time of year, in MapleRoyals!

Staff Changes
As previously mentioned, we are keen to expand our development branch due to the fact that this has been a bottleneck. We are therefore extra happy to announce that our hard-working GM, Kenny, will be receiving the training needed to help develop current and upcoming content; as will well-known member of the community Inugami, who joins the Staff Team as a WZ Editor! While this does not bring us all the way to our goal of having all fronts covered, it is one step in the right direction. We have plans to release new Staff Application formats for new roles, beyond the traditional GM Intern and Forum Moderator. We are still considering the best ways of accomplishing this, but be on the lookout for an announcement by the Administrators in the near future - especially if you are interested in joining our ranks and helping to make MapleRoyals better!

Community Q&A #3 Answers
...will be delayed until further notice. These answers typically come from an Administrator, and due to the Admins being rather busy at the moment, they have been put on the backburner. We hope there will be time to wrap up the answers to your questions before the end of the year!

In a few days, on November 20th, we will release Update 75, which will contain many more items of interest! That's all we have for you this time, ladies and gentlemen! If you have any questions, let us know!

Have a great day, [​IMG]

- The MapleRoyals Staff

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