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ct_news_notice_notice [09.18] Update #74 17/09/21 - Posted by Karven


Hi Royallers,

New files are required to be downloaded for this update! Click here to go to the downloads page to download and install the new setup. If you had previously installed Update 73.4 you can use the mini-installer from Update 73.4 to 74.

Cash Shop:
  • Added new Cash items.
  • Added new hairs and faces to Big Headward at the Free Market Entrance.
  • Fixed an issue with Morphing Pet Necklace that made Blue Candle unable to equip it.
  • Fixed issues with various NX and RP items.
  • Corrected an issue which allowed players to use Doom on the Chandelier and Lasers in the Auf Haven Expedition.
  • Corrected a bug which caused pets to not use a potion after the character was struck by a deadly attack ('1/1'), if the character was using Meso Guard.
  • Corrected the monster book descriptions and elemental attributes of several Lionheart Castle monsters to be accurate with the original design specifications.
    • Grey Vulture is now correctly weak to lightning-attribute attacks.
    • Castle Golem is now correctly weak to lightning-attribute attacks.
  • Reverted the change to EXP gain from killing Castellan and Castellan Toad made in Update 73.3.

  • Corrected an issue with The Stones of Reality quest line that caused confusion and led to players becoming stuck.

  • Added a 1000 NX Cash Card to certain bosses, and adjusted the droprate of 5000 NX Cash Cards. The average NX gain remains unchanged, but NX now drops at a more consistent rate.
    • The bosses affected by this change are: Chao, Ephenia, Zakum, Papulatus, Nameless Magic Monster, Dunas, Dunas 2, Vergamot, Nibergen, The Boss, Krexel, Wulin Yaoseng, Targa, Scarlion, Capt. Latanica, Leviathan, Dodo, Lilynouch, Lyka, Pianus (Right), Pianus (Left), Kachhuu Musha, Headless Horseman, Bigfoot, and Female Boss

  • Significant improvements to the autobanner / GM alert system.
  • Added a system which notifies players of who loots certain items in boss maps.
    • This feature can be toggled via the command ~setting itempickupnotification on/off.
  • Revised the system for GM events based on randomness, such as Russian Roulette.
    • The in-game instructions have been changed to reflect this.
    • The GM will no longer manually select a number (such as a platform to appear on). Instead, the selection is automatic and random, and the outcome will appear on everyone's screen.
  • Various improvements to server stability.
  • Preparations for upcoming seasonal events.

Happy Mapling!

- The MapleRoyals Staff

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