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Hey everyone!

Whether you are experiencing rainy days, or cooking eggs on sidewalks, some say the summer is coming to an end... We say it's just beginning!

Let us walk you through the upcoming weeks of summer fun here in MapleRoyals!

An Eventful Summer
Pardon the pun! But more events are coming, and it is summer! The Ancient Artifact Hunt and the Chair Gachapon are soon concluding, and we hope you have been enjoying them! Make sure to squeeze the most out of these last days; get those Mysterious Treasures back to their rightful owners, and stock up on Black Bean Chairs! But fret not, because we're looking at four brand new events arriving to relieve the poor Gachapon, Shuang and Gaga! Some of these events will bring the community together, and others will reward the summer grind! We look forward to hearing what you think about these new summer events, coming soonTM!

Moving on...
Skill Changes Galore
In the next patch, we are looking to introduce some long-awaited skill changes, which have gone through extensive discussion and required considerable client-edit magic! These changes have attempted to bring the most popular community requests into the game; whether that be to give some extra 'oomph' to certain classes, to improve the smoothness of gameplay, revitalise underutilised skills, or simply fix long-standing bugs! Additionally, you can expect some changes which aim to improve the progression for certain classes, and add a layer of nuance and depth for others!

Lionheart Castle - Chapter 1!
Lionheart Castle celebrates its 2-week anniversary, and a lot has been said about the details surrounding its balance and implementation! As originally outlined, the area makes use of several new features, and as expected, their large-scale implications were not possible to test on anything but the live servers. The most common points made by the community to this point had already been discussed internally in Staff prior to the release, but without knowing for sure, the decision was made to roll out the "safest" and most restrictive version of the content. We have been keeping close tabs on the public discussions, are we are happy to hear that you are enjoying this new content! But, there are clearly some kinks to iron out, and we are looking at ways to improve the overall experience, whilst retaining as much of the current balancing as possible. These changes may not be included in the very next patch, but be sure that they are at the top of our priority list!

Which brings us to our next point...
Lionheart Castle - Chapter 2?
That's right, Lionheart Castle has more to offer! We're sure it comes as no surprise - as we have already hinted at further expansions to the area - coming soon is the King of the Castle: Von Leon!

This iconic villain is already in the works, and we are looking at every option we have to make this boss as interesting and engaging as it can possibly be. At the same time, we are eager to incorporate popular community requests, and we may return with more information, and possibly some relevant Community Feedback Threads about this in the near future!

GM Events Galore!
Over the past year, we have worked hard to bring both cosmetic updates to old event maps, and fully-fledged new GM events into the game. Most recently: the Sea Gorge Maze, which made use of some features of the game to provide an entirely new experience! We are planning to continue down this path of delivering fresh and exciting content for you to participate in, as well as looking at ways to improve upon older GM events which for one reason or another were not optimally designed. We are always very happy to see your participation in these events, as it strengthens our resolve to continue to actively engage with the community in this format!

Thank you for reading this early August GM Blog (and excuse us for the lack of a GM Blog for the month of July - we were all too busy hacking away at the upcoming releases, and we had explained most of our reasoning for Update 73 in the patch notes already)! As usual, if you have any questions or thoughts, please leave them as comments below this post! We look forward to your input~

Happy Mapling!

- The MapleRoyals Staff

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