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ct_news_notice_notice [04.02] Update #71 02/04/2021 - Posted by Karven


Hi Royallers,

New files are required to be downloaded for this update! Click here to go to the downloads page to download and install the new setup.

This patch brings about many oft-requested changes, some experimental changes, some quality of life improvements, and various bug fixes. We have provided our reasoning for some of the changes below.
  • Making Total Crash a Party Buff: Total Crash was a custom change made by the Staff in an attempt to incentivise playing the (at the time) not-so-popular class Paladin. Paladin has seen a considerable upswing in popularity (partly due to adding Elemental Weaknesses to bosses), but we also observe that the change has given rise to a considerable use of White Knight mules. With this change, in conjunction with the changes made to Weapon and Magic Attack Cancels in some major bosses, we are now hoping to reduce the viability of such mules, without overly punishing active Paladin players. The shorter duration of bosses' Cancel buffs means that the time it takes to manage a separate mule client leads to a loss of efficiency with regards to applying the buff to your party members. The short range of the party buff also helps with this, incentivising staying close together and working as a team to tackle bosses' Weapon and Magic Cancels most effectively.
  • Reducing LUK's effect on Avoidability: When we conduct DPM tests for various classes, Night Lord consistently comes out in the top bracket, bested only by Corsair under ideal conditions, and Shadower comes not far after. But "ideal conditions" are not a good indicator of real-world performance, as resistance-to-disruption becomes an important factor. In this area, Night Lords and Shadowers excel beyond what we consider balanced. In an attempt to avoid directly nerfing the damage output of these classes, we instead look to balancing them with regard to this resistance-to-disruption. However, we are reverting the changes made to Shadow Shifter in Update 65. Now, Shadow Shifter will feel more substantial due to triggering more often, and a larger part of thieves' avoidability will stem from their 4th job skill, rather than just base stats.

    In general, as with every change or update to the game, we encourage you to test it out in-game, and hit us up with your feedback on the forum!


Cash Shop:
  • Added new NX and RP items!

  • Added Raven's Eye Crossbow.
  • Removed Azula Katana's sit frame for One-Handed Weapons.
  • Changed the description for Fluffy Snow Bunny to reflect which weapons it can be equipped over.
  • Fixed broken animations for Drowsy Bunny and Snowbunny.
  • Fixed Soldier Hong's Heart. It can now be equipped by the Soldier Hong pet.
  • Fixed Green Kid Pumpkin. It can now be equipped by the Blue Candle pet.

  • Corrected the sale values for ETC items: Maverick Booster and Maverick Balancer.
  • Corrected the description of Scroll for Belts for DEX 10%.
  • Reverted Magic Throwing Knives visuals to the original.
    (Note: If this change proves to be too visually distracting, we may once again change it to the revamped version.)

  • Added the ability to Jump-Down in Zakum's Altar.
  • Added intra-map teleports to all Deep Clocktower maps to ease the grind.
  • Added Slygie spawns to Along Ulu City.
  • Changed the mob spawns in Destroyed Park I & II.
  • Changed the platform layout in Top Floor of Roppongi Mall.
  • Removed ability to use Dark Sight in the Elevator Shaft of Roppongi Mall.
  • Removed the ability to use chairs in Top Floor of Roppongi Mall.
  • Removed unused event NPCs from Town maps.
  • Reduced the map timer for Chao's and Ephenia's maps.
  • Fixed some ropes in Ellin Forest.
  • Fixed some maps for the 1024x768 client.

  • Added Leprechaun's attacks. Maplers beware! These tricksters are very dangerous!
  • Reduced the cooldown and duration of Weapon Cancel and Magic Cancel for the following bosses: Zakum, Horntail, Scarlion and Targa.
  • Reduced the droprate of 5000 NX Cards from Chao and Ephenia.
  • Reduced the frequency of Ephenia's teleport skill.
  • Fixed HP bar colours for Neo Tokyo bosses.
  • Fixed Bacal's Monster Card drop.

  • Cody will now exchange Tokens of Teamwork for cool items!

Party Quest:
  • Added a system for obtaining 'Tokens of Teamwork' [​IMG] by doing Party Quests. These can be exchanged for various rewards. The current Party Quests (and their rewards) are:
    • Ludibrium Maze Party Quest (1 Token of Teamwork)
    • Henesys-, Kerning City-, Ellin Forest Party Quests (2 Tokens of Teamwork)
    • Ludibrium-, Orbis-, Romeo & Juliet Party Quests (3 Tokens of Teamwork)
For more information, complete one of the aforementioned Party Quests in-game! This system may be subject to change and expansion in the future.
  • Increased the droprate of Card Keys in the Romeo and Juliet Party Quests.
  • Restricted use of skills in Party Quests, in cases where such skills belong to Job Advancements which were not originally intended in the Party Quest. (Example: In Kerning City Party Quest you may only use 1st and 2nd Job skills.)

  • Corrected the level range displayed for Orbis Party Quest.
  • Corrected quest 'The Secrets of the Unit', to remove item 'Operational Unit Particle' from players' inventories upon completion.
  • Corrected the drop of Tough Dragon Skin. It now drops from Drakes in Victoria Island as advertised.
  • Increased the droprate of items required for Reuel's Elixir of Life quests.
  • Lowered the level requirement for Reuel's Elixir of Life quests from 150 to 120.

  • Fixed the Mastery stat for Marksman Boost to 100%.
  • Fixed the Space Dash skill for Spaceship Mount.
  • Reduced the mount-time for Corsair's Battleship.
  • Removed the post-skill stun-time for Paladin's Heaven's Hammer.
  • Changed White Knight's Total Crash skill into a party buff that grants party members a chance to break through Weapon Cancel and Magic Cancel.
  • Changed Night Lord's Shadow Shifter to evade attacks at a 30% chance up from 20%.
  • Changed Shadower's Shadow Shifter to evade attacks at a 40% chance up from 30%.
  • Re-added pet sounds.
  • Changed Wild Tangles haircut for male to look better against dark backgrounds.
  • Changed fames to reset at 00:00 server time, instead of 24 hours after the last fame.
  • Fixed a bug with pets which could cause disconnects.
  • Reduced the effect that the LUK stat has on Avoidability.
  • Winner's Podium has been changed to be one-of-a-kind, and untradeable.

Happy Mapling!

- The MapleRoyals Staff

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