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ct_news_notice_notice [02.15] GM Blog: February 2021 - Posted by Joong


Greetings, Royallers!

It's time for the monthly update, and we'll jump straight into the action for this one, which will mostly touch on recent changes and updates! First up are the recent Staff Changes, which we're sure most of you have noticed by now!

Staff Changes
Continuing on from our last GM Blog; we remain focused on expanding Staff in various ways. Step one has been the recruitment of five new Staff members, as well the promotion of three existing ones! These changes will help offload some critical areas of the game's moderation!

We'd like to welcome the new GM interns @Alan, @Dasha, @Incentv, @Kenny and @Stephen! We are very happy to have them onboard to help with all of the things it takes to run this game and community of ours!

Furthermore, our devoted GM interns @Chee, @Peter and @Soren have proven themselves in battle so to speak, and have been promoted to GMs! This will help them perform even more important tasks in the game! Congratulations!

Keeping this in mind, we still have more plans to expand Staff in other, less traditional (for MapleRoyals) ways! Stay tuned for future notices on this!

And now for some bittersweet news:
A Special Farewell...
...to a big name in the community, @Shane , who has been with us as a Staff member for over two years, and several more as a player. He has (for now) decided to step down from his role as GM, and take some time away to focus on his personal affairs. We all know he was a long-time dedicated Staff member who always passed a fair judgement and was quick to help any player in need. And as the current leader of the Ironman community here in Royals, he has certainly showed determination in the game. We sincerely wish him all the best and do hope he returns when he has attained the goals he is on track for, and we hope you will all give him the recognition that he deserves! Thank you Shane!

The New Experimental Setup
With Update 70, we introduced a new way for the MapleRoyals Game Client to load data from the files. Some of you may have noticed that the folder in which the game resides now looks a bit different. We did this in an attempt to alleviate some common issues with crashing and graphical glitches during bossruns for some players.

We remain hopeful that it has proven to be an improvement for the vast majority of players, but we are also aware of some possible issues with it under specific circumstances. This has perhaps been most noticeable during GM events, where sometimes players have experienced odd crashes when teleporting to or from large groups of players. We are still investigating what exactly might trigger this. In general, we are interested in hearing your experience of the new setup thus far, and we have devised a Feedback Thread in which we invite you to share your perspective! You can find this thread here.

Continuing on the theme of Update 70...
Ellin Forest
A brand new area, revamped from the ground up, in almost every aspect. Ellin Forest marked a new milestone in terms of custom content for MapleRoyals, and we would like to discuss it, and custom content in general, a bit here.


Previous additions to the game, such as Eastern China and Neo Tokyo, were also characterised by tweaks and changes to the drops, HP- and EXP values, but the changes were minor and did not radically alter the area from its original incarnation.

With Ellin Forest, we wanted to try something different. The original area was fondly remembered by many for its aesthetic and background music, and we agreed that it was an aspect we wanted to preserve and capitalise on. The original gameplay on the other hand would have been, dare we say, wasted potential in MapleRoyals. Not only did the area provide little in terms of quests and lore, but its maps were small, flat, and the monsters in a level range which sees little use in MapleRoyals. We decided that the most important factor to build from was the aesthetic, and tailor the rest to suit the reality of MapleRoyals.

The result is what most of you have seen, reworked maps, mobs, and quests. A lot of time and passion has gone into this area, and we are eager to hear what you think about it! Do you like this approach to content implementation? That is, new content which prioritises preserving the aesthetic and feel of the original area, but with modifications that account for the meta which has evolved in Royals? Let us know in the comments below!

And lastly...
Community Q&A #2
Since the previous Q&A session garnered more than 10 questions, we figured there might still be some others lingering out there. If there is anything you wish to ask us directly, we invite you to do so in the thread that we have set up here. Depending on the interest shown for these sessions, we may or may not hold them monthly; but this remains to be seen.


That's all for now, friends. Thanks for being a part of MapleRoyals; you are what make the game into what it is! Happy Mapling!

- The MapleRoyals Staff

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