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ct_news_notice_notice [02.09] Account Security - Posted by Karven

Hi Royallers,

We have recently noticed a surge of unusual login activity on our website's control panel where malicious user(s) have been attempting to log in using predefined credentials likely obtained from data leaks of various other services to engage in credential stuffing. There is no evidence which shows a breach of our systems or database, and we are confident that all our data is still safe and secure on our servers.

Further countermeasures for brute-forcing attempts have been implemented, and we have made the decision to ban any accounts which have had a successful login attempt made by malicious user(s) for your protection. This does not mean that all of the affected game accounts were compromised, but rather that just a successful username/password attempt was made out of the credential stuffing data the malicious user(s) gathered from their non-MapleRoyals sources. And in most cases, the additional secure PIN and PIC checks were able to stop the attacker from gaining full access to the account.
If you have recently received a random account ban, this is likely the reason. You will be required to change your account password, PIN, and PIC to keep your account secure. Please make a ban appeal for us to help you get your account safely unbanned by clicking here to create a thread (a forum account is required).

In addition to game accounts, some forum accounts using the same username/password combination have also been accessed. We will be looking into recovery options for these as well.

We would like to take this time to remind all users about the importance of using unique credentials for your game accounts here on MapleRoyals.
Never use the same password that you have also used on any other online service, and ensure you have a strong PIN and PIC for your accounts.
To change your account's password, PIN, or PIC, please login to the control panel, then choose the option from the left-side of the control panel and follow the instructions on screen.

If you have any further questions let us know on the feedback forum and we will try to add them to this post:

Q: Will there be a wipe?
A: No, we don't have plans on wiping our server data and having people start over.

Q: Will there be a server-wide rollback?
A: No, while we're still investigating only a relatively small amount of accounts got in-game and were thus affected.

Q: I didn't get banned, do I need to change my password, PIN, or PIC?
A: While your account is safe, it's always good to ensure that your account security settings are unique from any other service that you use. We recommend taking a moment to review your account security settings in the control panel to ensure that your account is protected.

Q: Will hacked accounts be compensated?
A: While using secure account details for MapleRoyals that you don't use elsewhere online is the responsibility for the user, we are exploring recovery options to help our players that got affected by this large scale operation.

Q: Am I allowed to play on my other accounts if one of my accounts is currently blocked because of this?
A: Yes, you can still play your other accounts but please make sure you change your account details to a secure password that you don't use anywhere else.

- The MapleRoyals Staff

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