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ct_news_notice_notice [01.30] Patch 30/01/2021 - Posted by Matt

Hi Royallers,

There will be a patch on Saturday 30th January 2021 to fix issues found since the release of update 70

The downtime will begin at 23:00 Server Time (UTC) and last for approximately 2 Hours. The game will be unavailable during this time.

New setup files will be made available during the downtime. Please ensure you download and install the new setup files to avoid experiencing issues after the patch.

Changes being made during the downtime:

Ellin Forest fixes:
Fixed an issue where players could not complete the Jump Quest in Forest of Haze PQ.
Fixed an issue where attempting to start Forest of Poison Haze would give no response.
Fixed an issue where pets would get stuck in a wall in Western Region of Mossy Tree Forest 1.
Fixed a broken rope in Western Region of Mossy Tree Forest 2.
Fixed an issue where you couldn't use a town scroll or Mystic Door from Western Region of Mossy Tree Forest 1

Other fixes:
Maple Admin now exchanges Red Envelopes for potions.
Fixed an issue that caused Reuel's quest to no longer work for some players.
Fixed an issue where Wulin Yaoseng could disappear.
Fixed an issue where Neo Tokyo mobs were dropping a wrong ETC.
Ellin Forest exchange quest now correctly requires the questline to be completed.

Slightly lowered the droprate of Wish Tickets and Red Envelopes from:
- Separated Yeti
- Separated Pepe
- Yeti and Pepe
- Yeti

800x600 Specific Fixes:
El Nath is no longer Christmas themed.
Fixed an issue that caused some label/quote rings to not appear correctly.
Fixed an issue that caused a crashing issue in Chao and Ephenia bosses.
Improved the view range in Shaolin temple floor maps.

Name change requests will also be processed during the downtime.

Thank you,

The MapleRoyals Staff

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