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ct_news_notice_notice [01.29] Update #70 29/01/2021 - Posted by Karven


Hi Royallers,

New files are required to be downloaded for this update! Click here to go to the downloads page to download and install the new setup.


  • Added new area: Ellin Forest. Read more here.
  • Added minimap mark for Mount Song and Shaolin Temple maps.
  • Moved NPCs in the Floating Market to their correct position.
  • Fixed various visual issues on maps.
  • Fixed a Lounge Studio map which had an incorrect return map causing players to get stuck.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the use of Buccaneer's Snatch in Top Floor of Roppongi Mall.
  • Changed Top Floor of Roppongi Mall from "Flying" to "Swimming" to allow certain classes to attack midair. (Note: This is an experimental change, subject to change.)

  • Fixed Black Hip Hop top visuals when sitting.
  • Fixed Retriever's Purple Ribbon visuals when jumping and swimming.
  • Fixed Sheepdog's Blue Ribbon visuals when jumping and swimming.
  • Fixed visual issues with pet quote rings for: White Boxcat, Black Boxcat, Black Whale, Pink Whale, Green Chad
  • Fixed Gentleman Bunny Hat's visuals.
  • Fixed Petite Penguin Hat (M) and (F) visuals.
  • Added additional stats of +150HP and +150MP to the Quest Specialist Medal.
  • Added additional stats of +99HP to the Saint Exorcist Medal.
  • Added new equipment unique to Ellin Forest!
  • Added a new medal: Quest Virtuoso.
  • Increased the droprate of Ninja Toad Headband.

Cash Shop:
  • Added various new NX and RP items, permanent and temporary.
  • Reworked the Cash Shop's GUI for the 1024x768 client.

Party Quest:
  • Ludibrium PQ:
    • Changed the PQ completion requirement to obtain Broken Glasses from 35 to 20.
    • Changed the Broken Glasses' stats from a static 1/1/1/1 to 2/2/2/2 (with possible variation of +/- 1). Previously obtained Broken Glasses have had their stats increased by 1.
  • Orbis PQ:
    • Changed the Feather of Goddess requirement to obtain Goddess Wristband from 40 to 20.
  • Monster Carnival 2:
    • Changed Soul Teddy, Master Soul Teddy, Klock, and Death Teddy to now be damaged by Heal.
  • Added Forest of Haze Party Quest for levels 110+.
    • Note: Pirates do not have a special character outfit during the PQ, this is not a bug and is required to allow Battleship to function.

  • Added new medal quest: "Quest Virtuoso" has been added, requiring a total of 1000 quests to be completed.
  • Added two new quests to Reuel.
  • Added new quests to Ellin Forest for those who have helped out Mr. Bouffon.

  • Fixed the droprate of Nine Spirit's Egg from Horntail to 100%.
  • Fixed a graphical issue with Cocoa Sheep Chair.
  • Increased the droprate of Mano's Rainbow Colored Snail Shell.
  • Reduced the Scroll for Auf Haven Circlet destruction rate from 50% to 30%.
  • Added three new items: White Scroll Fragments A, B, C, used for crafting.
  • Added a new Earring Production Stimulator, used for crafting.
  • Changed the Protolord Card from giving +15 Acc to giving 100% Stun protection.
  • Changed the Overlord Card from giving 100% Stun protection to giving +10% Silver Coin drop rate.
  • Changed the animation for Snow Dome Friendship ring so the animation begins less bright.
  • Changed the design of Pink Zakum Chair to match the regular Zakum Chair.
  • Added the winning chairs from the latest "Design A Chair" event to the Donor section in the Cash Shop. Congrats to the winners!

  • Advanced Combo Attack: Chance to recover 2 orbs has been increased by 20% at each skill level.
  • Marksman Boost: Crossbow Mastery has increased from 90% to 100% at max level.
  • Disabled the ability to use a macro for skills: Dragon Roar, Genesis, Meteor Shower and Blizzard

  • Added a new option to John Barricade's services: White Scroll crafting.
  • Reduced the amount of EXP granted by iTCG crafting.

  • Increased the spawn rate of Pianus.
  • Added Black Garina Gloves, Red Hunter and Blue Elemental Shoes to Afterlord.
  • Added Canopus Glove, Black Garina Hood and Red Hunter Shoes to Overlord.
  • Added Blue Dragon Gauntlet, Gold Dragon Crown and Black Garina Shoes, Scroll for Earring for STR 10% to Protolord.
  • Added Blue Elemental Gloves, Canopus Hat and Blue Dragon Boots, Earring Production Stimulator to Eruwater.
  • Added Red Hunter Gloves, Blue Dragon Helmet and Canopus Boots, Earring Production Stimulator to Maverick A.
  • Added Blue Dragon Gauntlet, Red Hunter and Canopus Boots to Maverick V.
  • Added Canopus Glove, Gold Dragon Crown and Blue Dragon Boots, Scroll for Earring for STR 60% to Maverick Y.
  • Added Black Garina, Scroll for Earring for STR 70%, Scroll for Ring for LUK 10%, Scroll for Ring for STR 10%, Scroll for Belt for DEX 10%, Scroll for Belt for INT 10% to Vergamot.
  • Added Red Mantle to Dunas 1.
  • Added Blue Dragon Armor, Scroll for Earring for STR 30%, Scroll for Ring for DEX 10%, Scroll for Ring for INT 10%, Scroll for Belt for LUK 10%, Scroll for Belt for STR 10% to Nibergen.
  • Added Blue Czar to Nameless Magic Monster.
  • Added Canopus Suit to Dunas 2.
  • Added White Scroll Fragment A to Vergamot and Nameless Magic Monster.
  • Added White Scroll Fragment B to Nibergen.
  • Added White Scroll Fragment C to Dunas 2.
  • Added Scroll for Earring for STR 60% to Oblivion Guardian.
  • Added Scroll for Earring for STR 100% to Qualm Monk Trainee.
  • Reduced duration of Nibergen's Weapon Cancel from 10 seconds to 8 seconds, and interval between mob skill increased from 30 seconds to 45 seconds.
  • Fixed an issue where Dunas V2 could not be knocked back, and set the damage value to knockback to 75,000.
  • Added new monsters: Mossy Snail, Tree Rod, Stone Bug, Mossy Mushroom, Primitive Boar, Ancient Fairy, Shining Fairy, Chao, Ephenia.

  • Fixed a bug which caused summons to mark players as "active" in the Party EXP System.
  • Fixed a bug where players would previously be disconnected after a set period of time if they had died during a Zakum run.
  • Fixed a bug where players would crash upon entering the Cash Shop if they had too many items in their Cash Shop Inventory.
  • Fixed a bug where memo notes containing too many characters could cause players to crash upon opening the memo note.
  • Increased the number of potions that can be purchased in bulk, up to 1000 at a time (previously: 1 stack at a time).
  • Disabled certain features in GM event maps to increase client stability.
  • Introduced a new experimental client change to increase client stability.
  • Additional hacking countermeasures have been activated.

Happy Mapling!

- The MapleRoyals Staff

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