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ct_news_notice_notice [10.22] Optional Patch 22/10/2020 - Posted by Matt

Hi Royallers,

There will be an optional patch on 21st October 2020 at 16:00 Server Time (UTC), lasting approximately 30 Minutes.

New setup files will be made available during the downtime, it is highly recommended that you download and install this latest setup, however if you do not want to fix the issues below then you may choose not to.

Issues fixed in this downtime that do require the new files:
- Platforms to exit the Pumpkin Vault are easier to jump on
- Platforms in Spooky Fitness level 2 now easier to jump on.
- Pumpkin PQ quest has been properly enabled.

Other changes issues fixed in this downtime that don't require the new files:
- Increased the Pierre boss map capacity from 50 to 75
- Removed Malady from Kerning City.
- Fixed issues surrounding the Lounge's Studio Maps where they could get you stuck.
- Plump pumpkin box turn-in count has been reset to 4 if the NPC was saying that you had already handed in more than that.
- Olivia PQ is now accessible
- Fixed an issue where Temple of Time's Malady could return you to CBD.
- Replaced Charles in CBD with Malady.
- Adjusted the position of Malady in Ariant and Leafre.
- Fixed an issue where already obtained Maple Warrior Shields were given too many slots, and adjusted any affected items accordingly.

Thank you,

The MapleRoyals Staff

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