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ct_news_notice_notice [09.24] Staff Changes - Posted by Timk

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Hello Royallers,

With our focus on expanding Staff we're happy to announce that as of today six new staff members and one returning member have joined the team today to help maintain MapleRoyals' players in-game and on the forums!

Welcome to the newly assigned GM interns @Chee @June , @Soren and @Paternity !
Welcome to the newly assigned Forum Moderators @Dave Deviluke and @iEatEmoKids !

Furthermore our GM interns @Becca , @Gert , @Johnny and @Josh have graduated and proven themselves more than worthy of becoming fully fledged GM's so they have been promoted!

Returning to the field is GM @Manny on character ManE and former forum moderator @Evan has stepped up to become a GM.

Expanding his skillset is @Joong who went from visuals to also working on more aspects of game development making him a Developer !

They will be assisting with character issues, anti cheating and assisting players by pointing them in the right direction or answering their threads. Feel free to ask them for assistance!

Stepping down from staff duty are @Ray and @Andreas .
We would like to thank them for all their effort and energy that they put into making Royals a better place for all of us. Ray has helped us in multiple periods with GM duties and perhaps he will return once again some day!
Andreas has done a lot of bug testing and fixing, event creating, cash shop updates and admin duties over the years and really helped us through difficult times during and post the new source transition. Royals wouldn't be where it is today without his hard work so please make sure to thank him in this thread as well if you enjoy what royals has become!

- The MapleRoyals Staff

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