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ct_news_notice_notice [09.24] Update 67 25/09/2020 - Posted by Karven


Hi Royallers,

New files are required to be downloaded for this update! Click here to go to the downloads page to download and install the new setup.

  • Autumn Events have started:
    • Event 'Mal Volence Party Quest' has started. Head over to NPC Charles in any major town to find out more.
    • Event 'Oktoberfest' has started. Head over to NPC Charles to find out more.
    • Event 'Mid-Autumn Festival' (From 1st October to 7th October) Click on the Light Bulb above your head to find out more.
  • 2x Vote NX event has started
    • From 25th September until 8th October, gain 16,000 NX for voting for the server.
Find out more here.

Cash Shop:
  • The Cash Shop has been updated with some new RP and NX equips.
  • Big Headward in the Free Market has been updated with new Hairs and Faces:

  • Fixed Ola Ola maps. Jumping is no longer possible.
  • Fixed Twisted Paths maps.
  • Added a permanent speed of 140 and jump of 120 to the Lounge and Lounge Pond maps.
  • Added Lord Pirate spawn to Red-Nose Pirate Den 3.

  • Victoria's Amorian Basket can now stack up to a quantity of 10 per slot.
  • Added new Scrolls for Pet Equipment for MaxHP 10%/30%/60%/70%/100%. These are available from various Gachapons, bosses and mobs, for now.

  • Lowered the LUK requirement on Crimson Arcanon.
  • Lowered the DEX requirement, increased the Weapon Attack, increased the Attack Speed of Crimson Arcglaive.
  • Removed the DEX requirement, lowered the STR requirement, increased the Weapon Attack, added MaxHP stat to Crimson Arclancer.
  • Increased MaxHP stat on Dusk Raven's Eye.
  • Increased the Weapon Attack, added a MaxHP stat, reduced knockback stat on Dawn Raven's Eye.
  • Increased the level requirement, increased the STR requirement, increased the Weapon Attack, increased the knockback stat, added a MaxHP stat on Night Raven's Eye.
  • Increased the MaxHP/MaxMP stats on the Monster Card Collector medals.
    • New Collector: +75 MaxHP / +75 MaxMP
      (Previously +100 MaxHP, +100 MaxMP)
    • Renowned Collector: +125 MaxHP / +125 MaxMP
      (Previously +200 MaxHP, +200 MaxMP)
    • Amazing Collector: +250 MaxHP / +250 MaxMP / +1 Weapon Att / +2 Magic Att
      (Previously +300 MaxHP / +300 MaxMP / +1 Weapon Att. / +1 Magic Att.)
    • Master Collector: +500 MaxHP / +500 MaxMP / +2 Weapon Att / +5 Magic Att
      (Previously +400 MaxHP / +400 MaxMP / +2 Weapon Att. / +2 Magic Att.)
    • Legendary Collector: +1000 MaxHP / +1000 MaxMP / +3 Weapon Att. / +8 Magic Att.
      (Previously +500 MaxHP / +500 MaxMP / +3 Weapon Att. / +3 Magic Att.)

  • Added sounds to various monsters that were missing them.

  • Increased Maximum Guild Size to 250.
  • Guild masters can now transfer guild ownership to another player at a cost that is dependent on the size of the guild. Both the current guild master and their successor must be present in the Guild HQ.
  • Added a new Bonus Party EXP system.
    • Receive 5% of the monsters Base EXP per active party member, up to a max of 25%. A party member is considered active if they have killed a monster (i.e. whited a monster) within the last 30 seconds. The bonus only applies to monsters that you kill.
  • Kacchuu Musha's monster card has been moved to the Boss section, where it belongs.
  • Fixed typos for monster cards:
    • 'Kimera Card' is now 'Chimera Card'.
    • 'Head Ninja Card' is now 'Ninto Card' .
    • 'Cyti Card' is now 'Saitie Card'.
    • 'Red Sand Dwarf Card' is now 'Dark Sand Dwarf Card'
    • 'Tri-Tailed Fox Card' is now 'Samiho Card'
  • Fixed a typo for item Miniature Pianus.

  • Pets without available Pet Equipment can now use the new Transparent Pet Equip found in the Cash Shop.
  • Pet equips are no longer tradable.
  • Fixed an issue that wiped pet equip's stats when transferred via Cash Shop.

  • Added new Party Quest 'Romeo & Juliet' for levels 71-200. Head over to Magatia to learn more.
  • Removed maximum level caps on the following Party Quests: Orbis Party Quest & Ludibrium Maze Party Quest.
  • Reduced the EXP rewarded by Spirit Vikings in Carnival Party Quest 2.
  • Added a new, repeatable HP Quest for players of level 150 and above. Available at new NPC Reuel in Magatia.
    • The quest can be completed once every day.
    • Quest items will only drop from players with the same quest in progress.
  • Fixed an issue in Amoria Party Quest where party members could get sent to different Heart Strings maps.
  • Added a new story quest to Icebyrd Slimm titled 'Cool As Ice'.
  • Added a new quest 'Safe Adventures'.

  • Added a new way to skip past the Jump Quest before Castellan Toad. Pay a fee to the NPC at the beginning of the Jump Quest to move ahead. Only available to players who have at least completed Quest 'Collecting Info'.
  • Equipment from the Crimsonwood Crafting Quests are now affected by the Godly System.

Happy Mapling!

- The MapleRoyals Staff

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