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ct_news_notice_notice [09.22] Live Streaming Rules: A clarification - Posted by Matt

Greetings Royallers! [​IMG]

Last month we introduced a new feature on the website: Twitch Stream Showcases. The system was simple: any Royaller who streamed on Twitch and used the word MapleRoyals somewhere in the title of their stream, were (and are) automatically promoted on the front page of the website. The goal was to reward the creative enterprise of streaming, to help direct traffic from the website to the streams in question, and for the streams to help spread the word of MapleRoyals in return. We are very pleased with the outcome; the number of live streams featuring MapleRoyals has increased significantly, and streamers are starting to build wholesome communities around their channels.

However, on a few occasions since, we have been reminded of a potential lack of clarity and conciseness in our Terms and Conditions regarding these streams which we now officially support and promote. The line between advertising content (and encouraging other users to tune in), and Real World Trading is thin and can be diffuse.

To amend this, we are clarifying the Terms & Conditions (which can be found here), as well as making this thread.

Twitch Giveaways of In-Game Items or Mesos:
  • Must be open to everyone viewing the stream, not only followers, subscribers or donators.
  • Must not be promised in advance as a reward for reaching certain follower, subscriber or donation milestones.
  • Must not be done in exchange for somebody following, subscribing, or donating.
The core idea is that no exchange of out-of-game services or currency for in-game benefits may take place. We encourage everyone who is interested in streaming the game (and we extend a warm invite to do so!) to be mindful of these rules, and to revisit the T&C, since any breach of these rules will result in a permanent ban.

Furthermore, we would like to remind everyone that in order to be featured on the Twitch Stream Showcase, you must comply with:
  • The basic guidelines of Twitch regarding displays of violence, nudity, etc.
  • The MapleRoyals Terms & Conditions, and lastly,
  • Only using the MapleRoyals tag if you are streaming MapleRoyals.
We hope that this clarification is helpful, and will prevent unfortunate breaches of the T&C!

Ultimately, we thank all of our streamers who help bring people, old and new, to MapleRoyals, and who foster a playful and nice community around the game which we all play and love. That's all for now, folks!

Happy Mapling!

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