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Greetings, Royallers!

Quick update.

Over the past few months, we've seen an increased amount of feedback from the community, asking for more transparency and open communication on the Staff's end. As part of a new effort to do better on these fronts, we are launching a new initiative that we'll call GM Blog. In these update posts, we will try our best to outline what we are currently working on (without spilling all the beans, of course) as well as what we are hoping to accomplish in the future. You may think of them both as our way of showing you all that we are constantly working on new exciting things, that we are taking your feedback into account, and that it affects our decision-making.

We are always in a transition to a bigger and better MapleRoyals, and we cannot do this without your help. There will be some bumps along the way, but we will work through them. :)

Our goal is to have one GM Blog out every month, but depending on the amount of news we can deliver, this may vary. (Some things take a long time to develop, and in such cases, we may not have much news to bring you month-to-month. Though we will try our best to be consistent!)

Alright, on to the juicy stuff!

We are currently working on what we think to be a variety of exciting updates, and new contents addressing some of the most popular Community Feedback. These include, but are not limited to:

New Cosmetics
We hear you. There is a never-ending demand for new cosmetics, hairs, faces, clothes, weapons and pets. Implementing these can prove to be quite demanding, which is why it can take a bit of time sometimes! Bear with us, while we ensure that you can all look dapper and fly for the next Update, without experiencing game crashes or glitching visuals! Look out for new drops in Cash Shop with the next patch; hopefully there will be something that suits your exact needs!

New Ways to Gain HP
Anyone else hear that?

Maybe it's just us, it almost sounded like... brand new ways of upgrading your character! That's right, after careful consideration and weighing our options, we were able to arrive at a system that we are quite confident will prove useful for all! This new system differs a bit from what we have introduced in the past, but we hope that it will create a much-needed shift in how the game can be played. Our intent is to be more welcoming to players of all kinds, and to ensure that everyone is able to enjoy the game in an uninterrupted manner. Stay tuned, you'll soon find out exactly what we have in store for you!

New Scrolls for Pet Equipment
In addition to the news outlined above, we are also introducing new Scrolls for Pet Equips. These new scrolls will apply a MaxHP stat on Pet Equips, which will become an effective way of gaining an extra chunk of health rather quickly. It may also incentivise players to keep multiple pets, which up until now has been more of a niche thing, for minmaxing farmers or simple completionists. With how Pet Equips work in the game, they currently lose their stats upon being traded. There is no easy fix to this unfortunately, so in the meantime we will experiment with disabling the ability to trade these Equips, to ensure that players won't unintentionally lose their hard-earned scrolled items. This is subject to change, and we will await your post-Patch feedback on the matter.

Rewarding Collectors
In April of last year, the fully functional Monster Book arrived to MapleRoyals. This well-received feature has spurred many to explore the far reaches of Maple World to collect cards. To further incentivise this we introduced five different tiered Medal Quests, which rewarded avid collectors. These medals not only gave HP and MP, but the latter ones also gave the bearer Weapon- and Magic Attack. However, after evaluating the popularity, or lack thereof, of the Collector Medal Quests, we have decided to further buff the Medal rewards. After the next Patch, the medals will give more HP and MP.

We find this to be a good way of getting some extra survivability for particularly unforgiving boss fights, especially as it encourages exploring the Maple World (much of which is unfortunately deserted) and all of its inhabitants. We hope that this change will encourage more people (and not only Completionists) to give these quests a try!

Party Quests
We have a new Party Quest in the works; one that has been requested many, many times! We are hard at work making sure its quirks are ironed out and the PQ works as intended. We hope to have it in working order for the upcoming patch.

Furthermore, we are revisiting some older PQs and making some changes here and there in accordance with community feedback. We are also looking at revising some PQs that are currently a bit too rewarding, which will hopefully revive some alternatives which were rendered somewhat obsolete. Our goal is for all PQs to be worth doing, and to achieve this we will need your help in testing and providing feedback as well!

New Events
Surprise! Many of you may have noticed that during the Fall-season, there is usually a noticable gap when it comes to Events, meaning that Halloween is the first to arrive after the end of the Anniversary Event. Not this year, for our developers have been dusting off some old classics (although never before seen in MapleRoyals) as well as some brand spanking new ones! As always, with new Events, the first run can involve some trial and error, and we are hoping to receive your input on these, when we release them! Regardless, we believe you will enjoy what we have in store!

With that...
...being said, we are also working on a few other exciting things that we are hoping to see materialise in the near future, but are not quite ready to be shared yet. We would first and foremost like to take this opportunity to thank you all who participate actively in this passion project, whether that is discussing the nitty gritty details of the game here on the forum, or just playing the game, as well as everything in between. We are well aware of the issues the server is facing, and are working daily to tend to them. Finally, we invite you to continue providing us with your feedback on how we can further improve our communication, as well as on the state of the game in general.

That's all for now. Happy Mapling!

- The MapleRoyals Staff

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