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ct_news_notice_notice [08.17] Promoting Twitch Streams - Posted by Matt

Greetings Royals,

As of today, a new feature has been implemented on the website: Twitch Stream Showcase!

In concrete terms, any Royaller who streams on Twitch and uses the word "MapleRoyals" somewhere in the title of their stream, will automatically be promoted on the front page of our website! In the case that there is more than one streamer broadcasting simultaneously, one of the streamers will be featured at random. This may change every time you refresh the page.

It is our hope that this will encourage more creative Royallers to broadcast their MapleRoyals experience, by directing traffic and attention to their efforts! At the same time, more streams are beneficial to the server -- a win-win situation, clearly!

We kindly ask any streamers to mind the following:
- Only use the MapleRoyals code-word if you are streaming MapleRoyals.
- Streaming inappropriate content, or breaking the MapleRoyals Terms and Conditions during streaming can cause you to be excluded from this feature entirely.

If there are no active streams, the website will appear as normal.

Thank you for your support in spreading the word of MapleRoyals, and inviting new friends to join and play! We hope that this feature will benefit all, and look forward to tune into your future streams!

- The MapleRoyals Staff

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