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ct_news_notice_notice [07.03] Update #66 02/07/2020 - Posted by Karven


Hi Royallers,

New files are required to be downloaded for this update! Click here to go to the downloads page to download and install the new setup.


  • Chair Gachapon (Event begins July 14th at 00:00 Server Time)

800x600 Client:
  • Fixed issues where certain rings and pets had missing chat and label images.
  • Adjusted visibility for map Secret Library (Wulin Yaoseng's boss map).
  • Adjusted visibility for map Amherst Townstreet.

1024x768 Client
  • Fixed an issue that caused UI windows which should save their position to relocate to 800x600 positions upon relog.
  • Change Channel window is now centered.
  • Quest Helper window default location properly opens on the right.
  • Designated Monster Effect buff timer properly opens on the right.
  • Quest Alarm timer for time-restricted quests properly opens on the right.
  • World Map window opens slightly more to the right.
  • Visual fixes for various maps.

  • Nearest Town Scrolls now work from Malaysia maps.
  • New Leaf City Return Scrolls no longer work from Amoria.
  • Fixed a terrain issue in Mountain Road 1.
  • Fixed an issue where NPC Qingwa was incorrectly positioned in the map Foot of the Mountain.
  • Deet&Roi and Rurumo will no longer show up in Magatia.
  • Fixed issues where dying at Nibergen, Royal Guard, or Auf Haven could cause significant visual glitches around a dead player, and make the person not possible to resurrect.

  • Fixed an issue where the quest The Brewing Storm did not reward EXP or remove the quest items.
  • Fixed an issue where the recently added pets would not be recognized on quests requiring a pet.
  • Monster Card Title Challenges will now show how many completed sets you have in the 'title being challenged' medal window.

  • Fixed an issue where item Breezy Bamboo would disappear during certain animations.
  • Fixed an issue where item Infatuation Fragment would disappear during certain animations.
  • Fixed an issue where item Pink Ribbon Sheep Hat would disappear during certain animations.
  • Fixed an issue where Teary-Eyed Face could cause a game crash.
  • Fixed issues where Formal Flora Hair would disappear during certain animations.
  • Fixed an issue where Napoleon Cape would appear in front of the character during certain animations.
  • Fixed transparency issues with the Elixir Chair & Power Elixir Chair.
  • Starry Night Chair (Untradeable) has been replaced with the tradeable version for all characters.

  • Buccaneer:
    • Fixed an issue where Transformation only lasted for 60 seconds at lower levels, it will now last the correct 120 seconds.
    • Fixed an issue where Time Leap had a missing description at level 25.
    • Super Transformation and Transformation will no longer have the speed aspect of the skill dispelled.
  • General:
    • Spaceship will now have a cooldown between usage.
    • Spaceship now correctly says it gives 170% Speed at level 2.
  • Skills with a cooldown can now be added to Skill Macros
    • Note: Macros will abort if they encounter a skill currently on cooldown.

Monster Drops
  • Fixed an issue where certain Dark Nependeath and Nependeath did not drop Monster Cards.
  • Fixed an issue where Cherry Blossom had a lower drop rate than intended.
  • Fixed an issue where Rexton dropped an extra meso bag.

  • Fixed an issue where you would crash hovering over Krexel's health bar portrait.
  • Corrected elemental weakness of Vergamot 3rd stage. It will now be weak against Lightning instead of Fire.
  • Dunas 2's dispel has been changed to have a reduced range and increased cooldown of 20 seconds.

Mu Lung Dojo
  • Fixed an issue where starting the final medal quest was not possible.
  • Leviathan, and Papulatus Clock have had their elemental weakness updated to match the changes made in Update 59.

NPC Shops
  • Increased NPC sell value of Dark Crow and Yellow Crow from 100 mesos to 400,000 mesos.

Cash Shop
  • New donor cosmetics can be found in the Cash Shop.
  • New Hairstyles can be obtained through Big Headward (at end of 2nd hairstyle lists).
  • Lil' Lotus can now eat pet food Bunny Cookies.

  • Pet Sounds have been temporarily disabled in this patch to attempt to resolve some crashing issues, in particular affecting Horntail.

  • Fixed an issue where Mini in Ludibrium asked for a Henesys stylist coupon.
  • Fixed an issue where Element Pierce earrings was not listed correctly in the Monster Book for Dunas.

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