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Control Panel Release

Hi Royallers,

The long awaited Control Panel is finally here.

Players are now able to manage their accounts using the panel which can be found on the home page, or via this link!

This means all changes to your accounts' PIN, PIC, e-mail address, and password can be done through the Control Panel - there is no longer a need to contact any staff member directly for assistance with changing these settings.

One of the goals of the Control Panel is to improve your accounts' security by ensuring that each setting modification is verified by you via a verification e-mail that gets sent to the e-mail address associated with your account.

The way we do this is by requiring your account to have a 'verified e-mail address' - this ensures that any future setting modification has to be accepted by you through a separately secured, external means before the modification gets applied to your account. When accessing the Control Panel with an account that doesn't have a verified e-mail address, you will be required to set one up before being allowed to modify any other settings.

With that being said, we'd like to ask you to take a moment to maximize your accounts' security by:

1. Verifying an e-mail address
Setting up a verified e-mail address for your account is key to ensuring that your account is only modified by you. When an account has no associated verified e-mail address, that account is only allowed to either change its e-mail address, or verify the one that's already stored.

One large benefit of verifying your e-mail address is to prevent it from being changed without being asked to verify the change.

To ensure that users that don't have access to the e-mail address stored on their account still have a way to setup a verified e-mail address and ultimately be able to modify their accounts settings, accounts with unverified e-mail addresses are allowed to change their associated e-mail addresses without having to verify the request with that (potentially now-defunct or invalid) e-mail address first.

Accounts with verified e-mail addresses, however, require the verification process to be followed for both the account's associated e-mail address and the inputted new e-mail address before the associated e-mail address will change, to ensure that it isn't changed maliciously.

To verify an e-mail address, log into the Control Panel, and start by selecting the E-mail tab:


Once you're viewing the E-mail settings page, click the 'VERIFY E-MAIL' button, and follow the prompts that show up - you will be asked to click on a button within an e-mail that we will send you. After you've completed this process, any future setting modification towards your account will first require you to verify the request via verification e-mail that we'll send to your newly verified e-mail address.

2. Securing your e-mail address

While setting up a verified e-mail for your account, it would also be a great time to review your e-mail account's settings. Ensure that you have a strong, unique password setup, and that any two-factor authentication methods are configured as well. Keeping your e-mail account secure helps ensure that only you can make setting modifications on your account.

3. Setting up a secure PIC

The PIC system is a third, final layer of account security, wherein you are asked for the code every time you access your account. A part of ensuring that your account is as secure as can be is setting up a secure PIC.

Players finally have the option to disable their PIC, and this can now be done within the PIC section of the Control Panel shown below.

Disabling your PIC is strongly not advised! We offer it as a convenience feature and to allow you greater control over your account, but please remember that by disabling your PIC, you are degrading a layer of your account security. If you do decide to use this option, we highly recommend doing so in conjunction with a strong password and PIN.


While the intention of this release is to provide a great platform for everyone to be able to securely modify their accounts' settings, we also intend to expand the functionality of the Control Panel in the future, adding new authentication types and a way to view recent account login history and setting modifications. We don't have a timeline for these changes yet, but we'll post further Control Panel announcements whenever new changes are made.

Alongside the Control Panel's development, a tremendous amount of work has been poured into updating and moving most of our web stack to a more modern, maintainable solution; one that greatly increases our flexibility, improves security and helps us out when we move to tackling the full website revamp. It has been a substantial project and we are very pleased to be able to deliver it today. Going forward, we will continue improving the website as a whole and adding features as time permits, this being the first step towards a modern, feature rich website.

Spot a problem? Want to give feedback? We'd love to hear from you in our Forum and Website sub-forum.

- The MapleRoyals Staff [​IMG]

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