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ct_news_notice_notice [01.20] Update #64 20/01/2020 - Posted by Matt

Hi Royallers,

This is a small patch to fix some minor issues, start the new Lunar New Year event, and extend the Christmas event by 2 days until Midnight on 21st January.

New files are required to be downloaded for this update! Click here to go to the downloads page.

  • Lunar New Year
  • Christmas
    • The Christmas events were unintentionally advertised as ending at midnight on the 20th, rather than the 19th. Therefore we have extended the Christmas event until midnight on the 21st January. Happyville can still be accessed via Rupi in the free market.
  • Design a Chair Event:
    • Winners can receive their chair from the Maple Administrator on their selected character.

  • Armor-Piercing Bullet can now properly be recharged in Mushroom Shrine, Showa Town, and Ninja Castle.
  • Moved certain donor hairstyles to the correct male/female tab as we already announced in previous patch notes.
  • Fixed an issue where some Cash Shop chairs were showing as other chairs when clicked on.

- The MapleRoyals Staff

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