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ct_news_notice_notice [12.12] Update #63 12/12/19 - Posted by Matt

Hi Royallers,

New Events:

Design a Chair Event:
  • Winning entries in the event has been added to Cash Shop.
    • Winners can now contact a GM to receive their chair.

  • Winners in the Thanksgiving Pie contest can now obtain their rewards by speaking to NPC Duey found in towns.

GM Events:
  • Split Luminous (Hat) can now be obtained from GM events, complete the full Heroes Luminous item set to trigger the cool effect!

  • Shock Wave will now align properly when using Flash Fist, Sommersault, Double Uppercut, and basic attacks.
  • Fixed an issue where Golden Memory would crash the player when using Brandish.
  • Fixed an issue where ‘black’ Future Lloyd hairstyle was altered in the previous patch.
  • Damien hair has been moved to the female section due to being a female hairstyle not equippable by male characters.
  • Male version of hairstyle Flower Fascinator has been moved over to the male section.
  • Missing animations for Khaki Field Coat has been added.
  • Formal Flora hairstyle will no longer be invisible when crouching.
  • Pet Morphing Necklace now properly mentions that it can be equipped by Elephant and Macha Man.
  • Magic Throwing Knife can now be recharged in Mushroom Shrine, Showa Town, and Ninja Castle.
  • Armor-Piercing Bullet can now be recharged in Mushroom Shrine, Showa Town, and Ninja Castle.
  • Ducky Chair has been reimbursed to players that had lost it - You need to speak to NPC Duey to retrieve the item.

  • Fixed an issue where casting buffs while in Transformation on a rope had longer delay.

  • Various corrections to in game text has been made.
  • Drop list for Yellow Lizard in the Monster Book has been corrected.

  • Fixed an issue where the UI would not visually update the amount of Dragon Glass in your inventory during the repeatable version of “The Crystal Flask”.
  • Fixed an issue where completing “The Brewing Storm” would not reward EXP.

  • Fixed an issue where Werewolves would be invisible after being summoned.
  • Fixed an issue where the stun animation above a characters head would be missing when stunned by certain monsters.

Neo Tokyo:
  • Monsters summoned by Core Blaze have had their HP increased.
  • Imperial Guard summoned by Core Blaze are now more aggressive.
  • Fixed an issue where rush could be used on Auf Haven.
    • Rush no longer works in this map.
  • Dark Sight has been disabled to prevent it being used to circumvent the lazers in the elevator stage.
  • Various bosses have had their Elemental weaknesses adjusted:
    • Vergamot 3rd body: Strong vs Fire, strong vs Ice, weak vs Lightning.
    • Dunas (both versions) are now weak vs Holy.
    • Cursed Auf Haven is now weak vs Holy.
    • Royal Guard is now weak vs Lightning.
  • Corsair skills Battleship Torpedo and Battleship Cannon can now be used in the Auf Haven boss map.
  • Monster that summons Nibergen in Tokyo Skies can no longer fly to resolve an issue where the boss might not spawn.

- The MapleRoyals Staff

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