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ct_news_notice_notice [10.18] A Note about Neo Tokyo - Posted by Matt

With the teaser trailer for the upcoming content patch out, featuring footage of Neo Tokyo, we thought it would be appropriate to address some concerns raised here and there about various aspects of the area, and perhaps the introduction of new content in MapleRoyals in general.

First of all, Neo Tokyo was introduced in JMS in 2007, which is far from the Big Bang patch.

The area was designed in a rather peculiar way, lacking many of the hallmarks that you have come to expect from both monsters, quests and NPC interactions. The storyline was given priority, with monsters, quest rewards, map designs, and various other important aspects that were sometimes left in an almost unfinished state.

To address this, we have taken it upon ourselves to make some moderate changes to all of the aforementioned points, in order to turn the area into something that will hopefully be enjoyable over a longer period of time.

Monsters have been altered, maps have been added, quests have been changed, quest rewards boosted, NPC interactions finetuned, map traversal changed, exchange quests altered, and last but certainly not least, bosses tweaked and balanced.

The area remains largely the same, but at the same time (in our opinion) vastly improved. Players who reminisce and feel nostalgic about the area of old will hopefully not be disappointed or feel like we left out something important, and those who have perhaps never experienced the area before, will likewise hopefully enjoy it as a fully-fledged, new top-tier location.

We won't go into the specifics of these changes; it will all be revealed in due time. However, we hope that our intent with these changes is clear, and that you will all be able to enjoy this fresh take on a very old, unique area!

- The MapleRoyals Staff

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