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ct_news_notice_notice [08.24] Update #55 24/08/18 - Posted by Karven

Hi Royallers!

The following changes and bug fixes have been introduced:

  • Staff applications now only contain two options, Game Master Intern and Forum Moderator as we're not looking for any developers in the foreseeable future.

  • To end our 5th Anniversary celebrations, you can now enjoy these additional Summer Bonanza events for a limited time until 23:59 on the 5th of September:
    1. 15% bonus EXP from all monsters.
    2. Doubled NX for voting (16,000 NX per vote).
    3. Chair Gachapon.
  • The following items have been added to the prize pool for GM events.
    • Magic Herb Teaspoon
    • Flower Crown
    • Peter Pan Hat
    • Ice Flower
  • The following common chairs found in other parts of the game have been removed from the GM event prize pool.
    • Sky Blue Wooden Chair
    • Black Seal Cushion
    • Green Chair
    • Red Chair
    • The Red Relaxer
    • The Yellow Relaxer
    • The Stirge Seat

  • Arch Mage F/P
    • Fixed an issue where Poison Mist would do much higher damage than intended to non boss monsters with very high HP.
  • Corsair
    • Hypnotize is now fully working.
    • Fixed an issue where Battleship would break if taking damage after having changed channel.
    • Unmounting and remounting Battleship will now correctly show the HP buff icon before getting hit by a monster.
    • Fixed a bug that caused Battleship's icon to persist when dying while on it.
  • Outlaw
    • Flamethrower will now apply its Damage over Time effect.
    • Fixed an issue where Flamethrower would fail to reward the player with EXP.

  • Night Lord
    • Fixed an issue where using Ninja Ambush would result in the player gaining less EXP
  • Skill quest for Airstrike is now available.
  • Skill quest for Hypnotize is now available.

Guild Quest:

  • Sharenian Guild Quest (GPQ) is now available.
    • Only a Guild Master or a Jr. Master can register a guild for participation.
    • A minimum of 6 and a maximum of 30 guild members can participate.
    • Each guild can only have 1 Guild Quest in progress at a time.
    • It’s advised for the participating guild members to include at least; 1 player under level 30, 1 Thief with Dark Sight, and 1 Magician with Teleport.
    • The Title Challenge for Ergoth’s Bane can now be completed.
  • Guild Points have been reset.
    • Note: Because of GPQ having been inaccessible for a very long time, as well as the previous iteration of GPQ having an incorrect GP calculation and not being fully functional; we thought now would be a great time to refresh the Guild Point rankings and help bring back some motivation for guilds to climb through the ranks.
  • Fixed an issue where dying in certain maps would not return you to the correct map.
    • Could be seen in maps such as Encounter with the Buddha, and Dead Mine.

  • Monsters that teleport you to another map when a character touches them or when a character attacks them will now do so.
    • Used as part of obtaining the skill Hypnotize, and used by monsters such as Dodo in Temple of Time.
  • Monsters will now passively recover HP and MP over time if they should do so.
  • Wulin Yaoseng’s EXP has been reduced from 64m to 51.2m.

  • Mysterious Powder will no longer incorrectly drop from Dual Ghost Pirate.
  • Yeti and Pepe will no longer incorrectly drop items.
  • Separated Yeti will now correctly drop items besides the Maple Cannon Shooter.
  • Separated Pepe will now correctly drop items.
  • The amount of Mesos dropped from monsters has been updated to accurately reflect the 4x multiplier.
    • There have been two changes made in this area; The formula the server uses to calculate the minimum and maximum amount of mesos a monster can drop has been changed, and the base value used to calculate this has been changed.
    • Up until now the amount of mesos dropped have been higher than intended, and has had a much wider gap between the lowest and the highest amount of mesos a monster could drop, following this the average amount of mesos will be more evenly distributed (minimum amount of mesos dropped increased and maximum amount decreased), on average this will lead to gaining less mesos from looting raw mesos dropped by monsters.

  • Various PQ monsters and similar will no longer incorrectly drop mesos.

  • Fixed an issue where non-equips with a name tag could have the tag disappear.
  • Following items can now properly be obtained from Gachapon.
    • Undine's Cloth
    • Hectagon Necklace
    • Bluish Mineral
  • Beginners whom are level 10 and above will now be ranked.
    • Ranking will only be updated every 24 hours.
  • Changes made towards player commands:
    • ~setting
      • Fixed an issue that caused ~setting to not load properly.
      • '~setting megaphones disableall' will now also disable Avatar Megaphones.
  • Fixed an issue where dead players could not see drops.
  • Job advancing to a Rogue will now properly give you 3 sets of stars.
  • Job advancing to a Pirate will now properly give you 3 sets of bullets.
  • Fixed incorrect text when job advancing to a Rogue if your inventory was full.

If you notice any bugs or have other feedback, please let us know in the bug reports and feedback section of the forum. Thank you!

- The MapleRoyals Staff

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