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ct_news_notice_notice [07.07] Update #54.1 07/07/18 - Posted by Karven

Hi Royallers!

Since the release of update 54, a few issues have been brought to our attention, and this update hopes to solve most of these problems. Unfortunately, some of these fixes require players to redownload and install the game. This download will be optional - however it is strongly recommended for all players to update their files to ensure that they do not encounter any issues.

The new game files are available on the website's download page now. Please download this latest setup and reinstall the game.

The new download fixes the following issues from update 54:

- Fixed an issue where some players could not obtain the quests following "Water from the Spring of Youth".
- Missing text when starting the quest Ergoth's Bane has been added.
-- Note: The quest can still be started without new files.
- Fixed player hitbox alignment for the Tiger Mount Cover.

Additionally the following fixes have been made during this update:


- Fixed an issue where Maple Hill would not drop its leaves.
- Fixed an issue preventing players from picking Moon Flowers for Grandpa Moon Bunny.
- The chance for an Eggy Pop monster to spawn has been reduced.
- Eggy Pop monsters will no longer spawn from monsters below level 30.


- Fixed an issue preventing beginners from obtaining the mount skill.
- Fixed an issue where you could not complete the quest "Long Walks are Good for Your Health!".
- Fixed an issue preventing beginners from being rewarded when completing quest "Water from the Spring of Youth".
- Fixed an issue where you could not complete the quest “Blocktopus is an Alien?”.
- Fixed an issue where you could crash answering questions for Boss Cat.


- Fixed an issue where Skill Books with a 100% chance could fail.
- Fixed an issue where leaving Castellan Toad would make you end up in the wrong location.
- Fixed an issue preventing the Corgi pet from using cash pet food Doggy Bone.
- Fixed an issue when opening an in-use Hired Merchant would specify the incorrect location of your store.

-- The MapleRoyals Staff

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