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ct_news_notice_notice [04.11] Progress Update 11th April - Posted by Matt

Hi Royallers,

We're currently working on several things for the next patch & update (Update 54), and wanted to give a progress update, release some information in regards to what will be coming in the update, as well mention some potential future implementations we are considering.

We are making good progress on update 54, and this is expected to be released within the next couple of weeks. Update 54 will bring the ability to delete characters, increased account security with optional PIN & PIC, channel fullness bars, character rankings (in-game), a vast amount of backend improvements, as well as other general bug fixes. Alongside this update will be the release of the belated Easter event, with details being announced during the update, new game files will also be made available and required to be downloaded for this update.

We have also been looking into possible solutions to help alleviate issues surrounding the lack of HP to be able to do certain bosses, HP washing in general and AP resets. We've been listening to your feedback regarding character HP and how it's an issue for some content and we've taken your suggestions in consideration as well as adding some of our own ideas. Things that we are currently considering to implement or make changes to include:

  • Increasing maxHP on job advancement medals.
  • Implementing a quest that rewards you with HP each time you complete it, up to a cap.
  • Adding maxHP to Mu Lung Dojo Belts (Will be made available with the release of Mu Lung Dojo).
  • Implementing a maxHP medal available from a quest related to GPQ.
  • Increase the amount of maxHP gained from job advancements (This will retroactively be refunded to players who have already advanced).
  • Implementing the Mark of Naricain with it's default +300 maxHP with the release of CWKPQ.
  • Implementing a craftable potion which temporarily increases the player's maxHP.

We are yet to decide on specifics for some of the above, however we are targeting to make available a boost of around 2000 HP for anyone not a Mage or Warrior, and around 4000 HP for Warriors.

We will also be releasing two forum events starting this weekend, stay tuned for details.

Looking ahead to update 55, progress with CWKPQ is going very well and a significant portion of the Party Quest is already fully working. It will still take until after Update 54 has been released and no major issues are found until it can be finalised, however the update will not take as long and should be ready fairly soon after update 54. We also intend to re-release the buyback command during this update. Following that GPQ is on our agenda for update 56!

- The MapleRoyals Staff

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