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ct_news_notice_notice [24/12/2017] New Source Update #48 - Posted by Karven

Hi Royallers!

The holiday season update is here once again! This update requires all players to download new files. The download link is available on the website's download page now. You will need to use the latest files to enjoy the latest content and avoid experiencing gameplay issues after the patch.

Additionally, the following bug fixes and improvements have been made to the game:

  • Visit this b>thread for more information on the Christmas 2017 event!
  • Visit this thread for the annual Christmas Tree Decoration Forum event!
  • Players who were part of a guild that handed in 250 or more Pies during the Thanksgiving 2017 event can now claim their prize from Frederick in the Free Market Entrance! Congratulations once again

Cash Shop:
  • Holiday Store Permit is now purchasable throughout the holiday season!
  • Players will now be informed when their NX Cards are credited when entering the Cash Shop

  • Purchasing a 7-day Mushroom House Elf will no longer give you a 7-day Teddy Bear Cashier.
  • Meso items can now be purchased from the Cash Shop.

  • New hairstyles are available from NPC Big Headward.
  • The chance of receiving Singapore Flag weapons from CBD Gachapon has been reduced.
  • Staff Sergeant Charlie has been made easier to trade in Orbis ETC’s to.

  • Free Market Entrance and Amherst has been updated with the Christmas theme.
  • Items can now be dropped in Room 6 of Free Market.
  • Armory at Showa Town has been visually updated.
  • You will now take elemental damage in the maps surrounding El Nath and Aquarium.
  • Items protecting against map-specific damage, such as elemental damage will now correctly do so.
  • The “Event” button has been replaced with a “Lounge” button. Use it to gain access to the Lounge where you can come to socialize! Note that trading and dropping of items are disabled in the Lounge.

  • A Billion Meso Coin item has been added as an alternative to dealing with high valued items.
    • The Billion Meso Coin can be purchased from Albert in the Free Market Entrance for 1,000,000,000 mesos.
    • The Billion Meso Coin can be sold to all NPC merchants for a return of exactly 1,000,000,000 mesos. The coin can be added to Storage and transferred without any fee between characters on the same account.
    • When traded, a tax of 30,000,000 mesos per Billion Meso Coin will be deducted from the owner of the coin's inventory (3% of the total value of all coins traded), and not from any mesos added to the Trade Window.
    • The coin cannot be sold in Hired Merchant/Personal Store, nor can it be dropped.
  • All trades now has a fixed 3% transaction fee.
  • The UI of trade, hired merchant and personal stores has been updated to reflect these changes.

  • Lowered skill delay on Buccaneer’s Barrage and Dragon Strike.

  • Item buffs can now be cancelled via right-clicking it.
  • Trading items in a bundle will no longer result in the quantity being incorrectly shown after the trade.
  • Chalkboard that is permanent has been updated to have an expiry of 7 days.
  • Magic powders have been removed from all players' inventories and will no longer be dropped by mobs.
  • Fixed animation issues for the following items:
Pony Gloves
Ramling Fur Glove
Chinese Lion Headgear
Kitty Hoodie Bandana
Fried Egg Hat with certain Hairstyles
Tedtacular Bearingtons
  • Using Power Knockback with Singapore Flag (Bow) will no longer cause disconnects.
  • Fixed graphical misplacement on Bubble Bath Chair and for some players with the Teddy Bear Bed Chair.
  • NX weapon Holiday Tree Ring now covers Guns and Knuckle type weapons.
  • Fixed hitbox for Black Cloud Mount Cover.
  • Corrected name on Knuckle weapon “Serphims” to “Psycho Claw”.
  • Donor cape “Snowflake Scarf” can no longer be traded.
  • Guild name will now be positioned correctly when equipped with the Cat Skin Label Ring.
  • The following items can no longer be sold to NPC:
Ninja Toad Headband
Almighty Ring
Pilgrim Hat
Maple Leaf (LUK)
Maple Leaf (INT)
Maple Leaf (DEX)
Maple Leaf (STR)
Horntail Necklace
4th Anniversary Earrings
3rd Anniversary Earrings
1st Anniversary Earrings
4th Anniversary Leaf
3rd Anniversary Leaf
1st Anniversary Leaf
Zombie Army Ring
Acceptable Lord Pirate Hat
Average Lord Pirate Hat
Lord Pirate Hat
Common Lord Pirate Hat
Goddess Wristband
Horus’ Eye

  • Increased drop rate of Elemental Wands from Castellan Toad.
  • Lyka’s cooldown between seduce has been slightly increased.
  • Mobs in Showa Town has received various updated animations.

  • Horntail expedition is now available.
    • Horntail can be entered twice per day. Attempts will reset at 00:00 server time.
    • Players must be level 80 or higher to enter the expedition.
    • A minimum of 3 players are required to start the expedition.
    • A maximum of 30 players can take part in the expedition.
    • Before spawning pre-head 2 and the main body, please ensure that everyone in the expedition is in the map. Otherwise, any players who are in the previous map will not be able to proceed into the portal.

Party Quests:
  • EXP reward for Ludibrium Maze PQ (LMPQ) has been reduced from 450 to 300 per coupon in an effort to balance PQs are that available for levels ranging 51 to 80.

  • New Leaf City Quiz now has a level requirement of 20 instead of 10.
  • Fixed incorrect information text with “Robin the Walking Encyclopedia”.
  • The following Mu Lung + Nihal Desert quests can now be completed:
Queen's Tea 3
Screwing the Red Scorpions
Stealing Queen's Order of Silk
Convince Muhamad
Defeat Deo
A Proper Reward for a Good Deed
Verifying the Password
An Incident, and the Missing Alchemist
Carson's Experiment
Maed's Experiment
Han the Broker's Info
Dr. De Lang's Friend
Parwen's Lab
Russellon's Items for Experiment
What Parwen Knows
Dr. De Lang, the Missing Alchemist
Phyllia's Pendant
Dr. De Lang's Underground Study
The Key to the Secret Book
Dr. De Lang's Secret Notes
The Truth About Dr. De Lang
The Hidden Words
The Secrets of Magatia
The Black Magician's Magic Pentagram
The Brutal Truth
What De Lang Wants
De Lang's Potion
The Memories of Humanoid A
Who is De Lang?
De Lang and Humanoid A
For Phyllia/For Alcadno/For Zenumist

  • In-game commands “/?” and “/help” have been updated to list all available commands.
  • Ban messages will now be shown correctly at the login screen.
  • In-game message that appears when transferring party leadership no longer have the blank space in front of it.
  • Medal UI window tab “Basic” has been renamed to “Obtained”.

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Holiday and a Happy New Year!

- The MapleRoyals Staff

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