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ct_news_notice_notice [01/12/2017] New Source Update #47 - Posted by Karven

Hi Royallers!

The following changes and bug fixes have been introduced:

Bug Fixes:
  • One-of-a-kind items can now be added to Hired Merchants.
  • Fixed a bug where Castellan Toad would not work correctly.

Party Quests:
  • Moon Bunny PQ is now working.
    • The level requirement is 10 and above.
    • This PQ requires a party of at least 3 members.
    • This PQ must be completed within 10 minutes.
    • Talk to NPC Tory at Henesys: Henesys Park to start the PQ!

  • Pirate PQ is now working.
    • The level requirement is 70 to 100.
    • Each PQ gives a fixed amount of experience and does not penalize higher levelled parties.
    • This PQ requires a party of at least 3 members.
    • This PQ has a time limit for each stage. Party members are required to advance to the next stage before the timer ends.
    • Talk to NPC Guon at Herb Town: Over the Pirate Ship to start the PQ!

  • All bosses now drop NX Cards.
    • This includes Krexel which previously in old source did not drop any NX Cards.
    • NOTE: NX Cards will automatically be credited when you enter the Cash Shop.

  • Following areas bosses have had their spawn timers increased:
    • King Clan
    • Faust
    • Timer
    • Mushmom
    • Mano
    • Eliza
    • Snowman
    • Stumpy
    • Deo
    • Seruf
    • Tae Roon
    • Nine-Tailed-Fox
    • Zeno
    • King Sage Cat
    • Chimera
    • Snack bar
  • The system for randomizing boss spawns have been changed to reduce the maximum amount of time before an area boss spawns, resulting in lower timers for the following area bosses:
    • Jr. Balrog
    • Manon
    • Griffey
    • Leviathan
    • Dodo
    • Lilynouch
    • Lyka
    • Pianus (Left)
    • Pianus (Right)
    • Black Crow
    • Blue Mushmom
    • Kacchu Muccha
    • Headless Horseman
    • Bigfoot

  • Medals collection window is now working.

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