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ct_news_notice_notice [15/11/2017] New Source Update #45 - Posted by Karven

Hi Royallers!

The following changes and bug fixes have been introduced:

  • The Halloween event has ended.
    • NOTE: All Plump Pumpkin Boxes have been removed from player inventories.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug where players can still enter Tower Room when Toad has been spawned.

Cash Shop:
  • Regular and VIP Teleport Rock is now working.
    • Both are available for purchase in the Cash Shop or from Albert in the Free Market Entrance.
  • Chalkboard is now working and purchasable in the Cash Shop.

  • Guilds have received a number of improvements and Alliances are now working.
    • Guild creation, expansion, and disbanding can be done at the Guild Headquarters by visiting NPC Heracle.
    • Emblems can now be set or removed at the Guild Headquarters by visiting NPC Lea.
    • Guild BBS is now fully functioning.
    • Alliances can be created, expanded or disbanded by visiting NPC Lenario at the Guild Headquarters. On top of that, all functionality within the Alliance tab works as well, along with the Alliance chat.
  • Mini Games (Omok and Match Cards) are now working. Speak to NPC Casey at Henesys Game Park to create your minigame item.

  • Boat rides are now working.
    • The Fast Travel Ticket is now available for purchase in the Cash Shop or from NPC Albert in the Free Market Entrance. It is available for 1 day, 7 days, and 14 days respectively.

    • The following travel routes are now correctly working:
      • Kerning City to/from NLC.
      • Kerning City to/from CBD.
      • Ellinia to/from Orbis.
        • NOTE: All threads regarding the Power Stance quest that are pending GM action will be closed without response.
      • Orbis to/from Ludibrium.
      • Orbis to/from Leafre.
      • Orbis to/from Ariant.
      • Orbis to/from Mu Lung.
      • Leafre to/from Temple of Time.
      • Ludibrium to/from Korean Folk Town’s Elevator.

  • Fixed an issue where Helena's Glove was dropping for players without the quest active.
  • Jungle Lily will now drop from Gryphon and Mighty Maple Eater.

  • Missing sound effects for certain quests added.
  • Fixed an issue where quest “Storming The Castle” could not be completed.
  • “Find the Maple History Book” can now be completed.

  • Maple Island to Lith Harbor introductory scene is now working.
    • This also introduced map floating messages that may appear in areas such as PQs, or special maps.

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