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ct_news_notice_notice [09/11/2017] Staff Changes - November 2017 - Posted by Matt

Hi Royallers,

We are pleased to announce some role changes within the staff.

Firstly @Andreas - who after much hard work has been promoted to Administrator. He will now be able to assist with database related issues, abuse investigations and server monitoring as well as continuing to play his part in development and WZ editing.

Congratulations to Interns @Stan, @Martin and @Chrille who have all been promoted to fully qualified GM's! They will all now be able to assist with a larger scope of character issues, ban appeals, as well as being able to host future GM events.

And in not so good news, unfortunately Intern Charlie has been removed from staff after committing gross misconduct. Log checks detected that he was exploiting a loophole within the GM Intern commands, and that he was providing his legit characters with unfair advantages in the form of equips such as Pink Gaia Capes and Stormcaster Gloves. This has also lead to all of his characters being permanently banned from the game. Additionally the loophole has been fixed. There was a further additional incident where he purposely wrongly banned a small handful of players before all of his privileges were removed and we would like to apologise to anyone that was affected by this. Those bans have been reverted.

We would like to remind players that Staff Applications are open, and that if anyone feels like they have what it takes to be part of the team, then we invite you to provide us with your application!

Thank You,
The MapleRoyals Staff.

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