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ct_news_notice_notice [19/05/2017] New Source Update #23 - Posted by Karven

Hi Royallers!

This patch sets the start of MapleRoyals 4th anniversary which you can read all about here among other improvements.

This patch requires all players to download new files. The download links are available on the Downloads page on the main website. To update your game, simply download the setup file and run the installation. Failure to update your game file will result in you experiencing disconnections and other gameplay issues.

  • Start of 4th anniversary event.
Cash Shop:
  • More pet equips have been added.
  • Duplicate hair coupons have been replaced.
  • Cosmetic Regular Hair and Face coupons lowered from 2100 NX to 1000 NX.
  • Cosmetic Regular Lens and Hair Color coupons lowered from 1800 NX to 800 NX.
Item Changes:
  • Fixed cash items, Red Ribbon Panda Hat, Hand Mark, and Crown Tiger Hat.
  • Added missing pet commands for the White Tiger pet.
  • Pet Quote/Name Tag images added for many pets (Requires the pet quote/label ring).
  • iTCG crafting items now stack in quantities of 100 instead of 1.
  • Various descriptions have been updated and corrected.
  • Mob skills will now only be used after the correct cooldown time has passed.
  • Krexel's first eye is now weak against fire, strong against ice and neutral to all other elements. Previously strong against fire and weak against ice.
  • Krexel's second eye is now strong against poison, weak against fire, strong against ice. Previously strong against all elements.
  • Fixed the portal involved with Berserk's skill quest.
  • Buffed spawns for the following maps: View list here
  • Stimulators can now be used at item maker NPCs.
  • Fixed an issue with Gachapon giving Timeless Earrings instead of Shield Earrings.

Happy Mapling Royallers!

- The MapleRoyals Staff

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