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ct_news_notice_notice [19/04/2017] New Source Update #19 - Posted by Karven

Hi Royallers,

Today's patch includes the highly anticipated release of the Cash Shop and also brings many other fixes which we have detailed below.

This patch requires all players to download new files. The download links are available on the Downloads page on the main website. To update your game simply download the setup file and run the installation. Failure to update your game file will result in you experiencing disconnections and other gameplay issues.

Patch Notes

General Updates & Changes:
  • Cash Shop:
    • The Cash Shop is now accessible.
    • Items that are not yet functional have been blocked from being purchased until fixed.
    • The purchasing of Gachapon tickets has been temporarily limited to a maximum of 70 per account each day.
    • The ability to redeem NX coupons will be implemented in an a future update.
    • Cash items that are also purchasable with Mesos are available from Albert in the Free Market Entrance. This is contrary to what has been previously mentioned, as we initially intended for them to also be purchased in the Cash Shop, however due to client restrictions we have been unfortunately unable to do so.
    • New items have been added to the Cash Shop. (view list)
    • Client improvements:
      • The game client will now launch in windowed mode by default.
      • Fixed issues that caused the client to give a 'Parameter is incorrect' error when launching the game client.
    • Experience gained from monsters now distributes correctly when in a party.
    • The boss entry cooldown now resets at midnight server time rather than after 24 hours.
      • Note: Affected bosses are Zakum, Krexel, Papulatus and Bodyguard.
    • Cash items can now be traded, dropped and stored in cash shop inventory.
    • All Beauty Parlor NPC's are now functional.
    • Gachapon is now functional.
    • Megaphones, Super Megaphones, Avatar Megaphones, Triple Megaphones and Item Megaphones are now functional.
    • Unallocated ability and Skill Points can now exceed the previous limit of 255 points.
      • Note: Previously this caused points to get lost if players ever exceeded 255 points. Players that have reached the cap are still to be refunded their missing points.
    • Players are now able to drop items in Free Market rooms.
    • Maple Island has been reverted to using the v0.62 maps.
      • Note: This does not remove the quests that were available previously.
    • The invincible 'bot-catcher' monsters have been removed from maps.
    • The Maple Leaf (5,000 NX item) has been replaced with a 5,000 NX card.
    • Skill Points have been reset for all characters to allow the free redistribution of points now that many skills have been fixed.
      • Note: Please take extreme care when reallocating your Skill Points to ensure that you do not spend points earned from a higher level job on a lower level skill-set - unless this is what you want to do!
      • The amount of SP that must be spent on a skill level before being able to add SP to a higher skill level are as follows:

        • For non-magician classes:
          • To allocate to 2nd job skills; 61 SP is required to be spent on 1st job.
          • To allocate to 3rd job skills; 61 SP is required to be spent on 1st job and 121 SP on 2nd job, or a total of 182 across both 1st and 2nd job.
          • To allocate to 4th job skills; 61 SP is required to be spent on 1st job, 121 SP on 2nd job, 151 SP on 3rd job, or a total of 333 SP across 1st, 2nd and 3rd job.
        • For magicians:
          • To allocate to 2nd job skills; 67 SP is required to be spent on 1st job.
          • To allocate to 3rd job skills; 67 SP is required to be spent on 1st job and 121 SP on 2nd job, or a total of 188 across both 1st and 2nd job.
          • To allocate to 4th job skills; 67 SP is required to be spent on 1st job, 121 SP on 2nd job, 151 SP on 3rd job, or a total of 339 SP across 1st, 2nd and 3rd job.
    Bug Fixes:
    • Map related:
      • Fixed the boundaries of a few maps where players were able to jump outside of the map.
      • Fixed a portal in Omega Sector's Boswell Field.
      • Fixed an issue causing certain portals to not function properly. E.g. The portal for Resurrection skill quest and The Forest of Evil quest.
    • Item related:
      • Fixed issues where some pets and pet equips caused players to crash or not be able to log in.
      • Elemental wands and staves no longer decrease a players holy magic when used.
      • Fixed animation misalignment for the Dragon Armor when used with the Green Dragon pet.
      • Fixed animation misalignment for the Spaceship Saddle when used with the Spaceship Mount.
      • The Hero's Will and Pirate's Rage skill books will now correctly apply a mastery level of 5.
        • Note: Players who had a different mastery level for these skills have had their skill changed accordingly.
    • Monster related:
      • Oblivion Monk, Oblivion Monk Trainee, Oblivion Guardian and Chief Oblivion Guardian are now weak against ice.
      • Scorpion's sound upon death or taking damage has been fixed.
    • Quest related:
      • The Rumor in the Sea of Fog and Ancient Artifacts quests have been removed from the quest tab as they are unavailable.
      • The maximum level cap for Kerning PQ and Ludibrium PQ has been removed.
      • The Wonderful Pet Owner, Pet Instructor Test, The Secret Method, and Kenta's Advice quests have been fixed.
      • Fixed the Kerning City mini-boss quest available from JM From tha Streetz.
        • Note: Any previous progress for this quest has been reverted.
      • Quests relating to Krexel now appear in the Quest tab.
    • Drop related:
      • Crimson Guardians now drop the correct Power Elixirs.
      • Zeta Gray, Ultra Gray and Chief Gray monsters now drop their Cell quest items.
      • Nine-Tailed Fox now drops its Old Fox's Tail.
      • Boomer now drops its Boomer Core.
      • Dark Cloud Fox now drops its Dark Cloud Foxtail.
      • Nightghost now drops its Triangular Bandana of the Nightghost.
      • Book Ghost now drops The Legendars Being's Scroll <Advanced> and The Book Ghost's Sheet of Paper.
      • Pink Teddy now drops White/Purple Gift Box.
      • Sage Cat now drops its Kitty Spirit.

    • Miscellaneous fixes:
      • The first job advancement now lets you advance late without losing skill points.
      • Third and fourth job advancements now give HP/MP when advancing.
        • Note: Players that have done any third or fourth job advancements since 4th Jan 2017 have been given their missing HP and MP.
      • Fixed an issue that caused players to not be given the correct skills or mastery levels after obtaining fourth job advancement or completing fourth job skill quests.
        • Note: Players that had missing skills or mastery levels have now been given their correct skills and mastery levels.
      • Players that had lost their Donor Hairstyle in the conversion to new source have been refunded 6RP.
      • Players that had lost any Donor Chairs between 4th Jan 2017 to 8th Jan 2017 have been refunded 20RP per missing chair.
      • Fixed an incorrect answer for a question in the third job advancement.
      • Fixed the animation for Dragon Strike where it would clip through the floor.
      • Fixed an issue that caused Ability Points added to MP to use total INT rather than base INT when calculating the amount of MP to add.
      • Fixed an issue that prevented players from completing a stage, including not being warped to the bonus stage of Ludibrium PQ.

      • Fixed an issue that prevented players from being able to purchase Magic Seeds from Chief Tatamo.
      • Fixed glove maker Neve in Orbis Park.
      • Added missing sound effect for some portals.
      • Minor text fixes.
      • Portal in Map Foyer leading to the Chimney no longer gets you stuck.
      • Zakum pre quest will now give exp affected by the servers exp multiplier.

    Happy Mapling Royallers!

    - The MapleRoyals Staff

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