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[09.22] Ancient Artifact Hunting Contest - Posted by Matt
Event Status: Ended


Get ready to dig deep because Maple World has treasures to be found!

Artifact Hunt is simple - Grab an Excavation Permit from Gaga, and search for Mysterious Artifacts from monsters. Gather 5,000 excavation points and receive a temporary Archeologist Hat and Archeologist Glasses. If you’re one of the top 100 archeologists at the end of the contest you'll receive permanent Archeologist Hat and Archeologist Glasses, and if you manage to get into the top 10 ranks you'll also receive a 2018 Artifact Hunt Top 10 Medal.

While searching for Mysterious Artifacts, you may come across some of Shuang's Mystical Treasures. If you manage to find all 8 and return them to their rightful owners, you'll be rewarded with the Mystical Artifact Discoverer Medal.

You may also come across Valuable Artifacts, which can be exchanged at Gaga for an Ancient Artifact Contest 2x Point Ticket (2 hours). The ticket entitles the player to twice the regular amount of Excavation Points for 2 hours. You may only obtain one ticket per day.

Talk to Gaga, get an Excavation Permit and head for the hinterland!

Additional information:
- You must obtain an Excavation Permit before hunting for artifacts, otherwise you will be eventually be branded as an artifact thief, and your excavation points will reset to zero.
- Excavation Permits last 2 hours before you need to return to Gaga to obtain a new one.
- 4th job magicians will receive a third of the amount of excavation points compared to other classes (this makes the contest unbiased towards certain classes).
- Gaga can be found in: Amherst, Henesys, Sleepywood, Leafre, El Nath, Orbis, Ludibrium, Omega Sector, Ariant, Mu Lung, CBD, and New Leaf City.
- Islanders may take part in the Artifact Hunting Contest - but not Shuang's Mystical Treasures.

Contest ends at midnight on 22nd October 2018

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