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[24/12/2017] Christmas 2017 - Posted by Matt
Event Status: Ended

Note: Please ensure you have the latest game installation from 24th December 2017


Event Starts: Sunday 24th December 2017 at 14:00 Server Time (UTC)
Event Ends: Friday 26th January 2018 at 23:59 Server Time (UTC)

Happy Holidays Royallers!

We are proud to present this year's festive winter events!
What follows is a short glimpse of some of the events we have in store for you!


Following tradition, Happyville is back!
Speak with Rupi in the Free Market Entrance to head over to Happyville.
This cosy little town is filled to the brim with festivities and quests for you to sink your teeth into!


Roodolph is back in Happyville! For a measly 100 Nevermelting Snow, he will gladly send anyone to the Extra Frosty Snow Zone in any channel. Nevermelting Snow drops globally from all monsters. Once the Snow Blower inside has been sufficiently filled, Snowman will spawn across all channels simultaneously, and snowballs will fall from the sky. Pick them up and start attacking!
(Note: Pets will automatically be unequipped when entering the zone.)
(Warning: You are warned to wear the Magical Mittens at all times in the zone!)


As is also tradition, mobs all over the Maple World have begun dropping Stars of Maplemas Spirit!
Collect them and give them to Santa in exchange for some sweet loot!
(Note: Santa is also available in Amherst to handle the Stars of Maplemas Spirit exchange on Maple Island!)


And let's not forget the mandatory Christmas Tree decorating!
A special vendor in Happyville will provide you with all the festive ornaments you could ever need!


This looks familiar! That's right; Versal Pigs have made a return, and are now roaming all over the place! These pesky pig-thieves have stolen all of Mom & Dad's christmas food, and you must steal it back!

Hunt these pigs down and collect the Steamed Crabs, Maplemas Ham, Smoken Salmon and Snow Cake Pieces that were stolen!

You may turn these food items into Mom & Dad once every 6 hours. In return they will give you one of four rare materials: Stretchy Material, Black Fur, Snow silk OR the rare Orb of Versalmas Cheer! Collect all four materials for O-Pongo and you will receive a very special item!
(Note: Orb of Versalmas Cheer is untradeable and rare! If you don't receive one within 15 times of helping Mom & Dad, an Orb will be automatically awarded to your character one time only.)


The old & classic Hannukah questline makes another appearance on MapleRoyals! Find Simon in Happyville to learn more!

But wait! There's more!

Yes, indeed, this year we have implemented even more festive events for your pleasure!
For example:

The latest addition is an all-new Christmas Party Quest! Gather your friends, talk to Snow Spirit in Happyville and give this brand new Party Quest a try!


The Advent Calendar. That's right, we've implemented a new Advent Calendar questline so that you can get your hands on even more goodies! For 24 days starting from 25th December 2017, a quest will open and yesterday's quest will become unavailable, so be quick to complete the quests, and make sure you come back daily to discover what the next one has to offer! Talk to Mrs. Claus in Happyville to find out more!


Grandpa Cliff is not happy... again. AGAIN? Torr lost her horn AGAIN!

It looks like Torr's too upset to find it herself, so why not give a helping hand?


Speak to Dalair to find out more...

We wish you a happy holiday, and hope you enjoy this year's holiday events!

- The MapleRoyals Staff -

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