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[13/12/2016] Christmas 2016 - Posted by Sila
Event Status: Ended

Event Starts: Tuesday December 13th midnight server time

Event Ends: Saturday December 31st at midnight server time

  • HappyVille is back! Head out and find Rooney to head over to Happyville. To return back to where you were, talk to them again once inside.
    • Rooney can be found in the following towns: Ellinia, Henesys, Orbis, El Nath, Mu Lung, Ludibrium, Leafre, and New Leaf City.
      • With the return of Happyville, talk to Roodolph to head on over to the Extra Frosty Snow Zone in any channel. Entering the Extra Frosty Snow Zone will cost 100 NeverMelting snow, which drops globally from all monsters. Once the snowblower has been filled enough, a snowman will spawn across all channels instantly!
      • Buy magical mitten and big snowballs from the snow fairy Happy by the snowblower. Use them to kill the snowman, and then collect a one of a kind present. Turn it into the Christmas Tree NPC in the Happyville to redeem a random prize. (Note you can only carry one at a time.)
      • All over the world, mobs have begun dropping Stars of Maplemas Spirit. Collect them and turn it into MapleClaws for some prizes!
        Maple Claws can be found in Amherst and in Happyville.
  • These strange Versal pigs have started to travel the lands again, stealing Mom & Dad's food for their feast. They need your help!
    Kill the pigs all across the Maple World and collect one of each:
    [​IMG] Steamed Crab
    [​IMG]Maplemas Ham
    [​IMG]Smoked Salmon
    [​IMG]Snow cake piece
    And turn them into Mom & Dad once every 6 hours. You'll receive one of four items:
    [​IMG] Stretchy Material
    [​IMG] Black Fur
    [​IMG] Snow silk
    [​IMG] Orb of Versalmas cheer (Untradeable and rare! If you don't receive one within 25 times of helping them, an Orb will be automatically awarded one time only.)
  • Once you have all four items, talk to Opongo in New Leaf City to redeem one of 4 special items. You may obtain both the cape and the Rudolph nose ONCE.
  • Be on the lookout for festive drops from mobs- perfect for islanders or new characters!
    Along with the above, we have a few new quests for you as well! Check out your Available Quests window to see what it's all about.

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